Arvind Kejriwal's resolve to make Delhi a 'flag city' gets tongues wagging

Trust advertisements appearing soon across the country showing Arvind Kejriwal with the tricolour and hopefully not on horseback, reflects Giraj Sharma in 'Delhi Musings'

Arvind Kejriwal's resolve to make Delhi a 'flag city' gets tongues wagging

Giraj Sharma

Delhi government plans to have 500 national flags installed in the city by August 15. Our man AK is so besotted with the idea that he wants Delhi to be known as ‘city of flags’. Care of these flags is being delegated to local committees called the Tiranga Samman Samitis. These committees are supposed to instil a feeling of patriotism among Dilliwalahs.

Clearly AK believes that we Dilliwalahs are somewhat short on being patriotic and that only the sight of the flags will propel us to think of what we can do for the country. By this logic, one’s love for the country should double while crossing Dhaula Kuan for Dilliwalahs can spot a national flag on either side of the road.

One can’t blame AK for such symbolism when even the Centre is indulging in it. Remember Central Vista – a project where those in power took to the literal meaning of ‘leaving no stone unturned’ to make a mark? They are burning Rs. 20,000 crore to create structures that, in their wisdom, will symbolise a ‘new’ India. They are now desirous of installing the national emblem of India atop the new Parliament building. The emblem is replacing a spire that was meant to come up in an earlier version. The national emblem is an adaptation of a sculpture that dates back to Emperor Ashoka’s reign which is roughly around 250 BC. It depicts four lions, each facing the four directions. So even if we may not often hear those in power roaring with conviction, we could make do with the stone replicas of lions on top of the new Parliament building. This should be good enough for the electorate to believe that the mighty and the powerful sit underneath it.

The cold war of sorts between the new Lt. Governor and the Aam Aadmi Party seems to be getting hotter with each passing day and the heat wave in the capital has nothing to do with it. AAP has now claimed that the LG has neither the right to give orders to departments that report to the elected government of Delhi nor should he be calling a meeting of officers of bodies such as the Delhi Jal Board without keeping the Chief Minister in the loop. AAP wants the new LG to focus on Delhi Police, Municipal Corporation and Delhi Development Authority instead. Education, electricity and water are subjects that come under the Delhi government.

It was the Delhi unit of BJP that responded to this criticism of LG and not the LG’s office. Speaking in defence of the LG’s actions, the BJP’s Delhi unit spokesperson counter-attacked AAP claiming that our man AK and his government are scared that the failures of the Delhi government will be exposed by activeness of the Lieutenant. Governor.

Dilliwalahs are highly amused at how easily the spokesperson walked in to a trap laid out by AAP. In defending the LG vehemently, BJP’s state unit proved beyond doubt as to who is actually pulling the strings. The man, however, should be cautious for his own good. We all now know how quickly BJP’s centre leadership suspends its spokesperson when put under some pressure.

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(This was first published in National Herald on Sunday)

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