BJP-JJP govt derailed Haryana from the track of development, says Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Speaking on seventh anniversary of BJP-led govt, Bhupinder Singh Hooda termed the coalition as the most corrupt and inefficient govt which pushed back state on every developmental parameter

Former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda (File photo)
Former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda (File photo)

Bipin Bhardwaj

The BJP-JJP government has failed to fulfil even a single promise during its term in office, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Tuesday while terming the coalition as the most corrupt, inefficient and worthless government which has pushed back the state on every developmental parameter.

Hooda made the statement in Chandigarh on the completion of seven years in office of the BJP-led state government in Haryana.

Referring to the election manifestos of the BJP and the JJP, the Leader of Opposition said that both the parties have forgotten their manifestos. “As per its promise, the coalition government did not provide old age pension of Rs 5,100. There has been no extra pay, no pay scale for employees at par with Punjab, no implementation of old pension scheme, no free tubewell connections to farmers, no 24 hours electricity, no unemployment allowance of Rs 9000 to unemployed youth, no permanent jobs to guest teachers and temporary staff. Both the parties did not fulfil a single promise of their election manifesto,” Hooda said.

“The state failed to get any big projects, any big industry or institute in last seven years. No power plant was installed, no medical college and university was built. Despite this, the government dragged the state into a debt worth Rs 2.50 lakh crore. This government has cheated the people and deceived the youth,” he said.

The Senior Congress leader said, “In Haryana, which has the highest unemployment rate in the country, government jobs are on sale as goods at a grocery store. Every day new revelations of scams are being made in government recruitments. More than two dozen papers were leaked and there have been cases where the OMR sheets were left blank, but the government does not want a high-level impartial inquiry into any scam.”

Scholarships for children from poor families were also discontinued. Not only this, there was also a scam in scholarship,” said Hooda.

The former Chief Minister said the BJP and the coalition government have put the farmers in a pitiable condition as fertilizers are being distributed in police stations and police lines for the first time. “Farmers have been sitting on the streets for 11 months for their legitimate demands but the government has neither given them MSP nor fertilizers.

“Similarly, the report of the Niti Ayog states that the ranking of health services is also much lower than that of the neighboring states. The NIRF and NAAC rankings of the largest universities in the state have also declined steadily which is an indicator of the level of education in the state,” he stated.

“The welfare schemes that were started during the Congress government for every section including farmers, the poor and sportspersons have been either been reduced to paper by the present government or have been scrapped completely,” Hooda stated.

“As soon as the BJP came to power, the scheme of giving 100 square yards plots to poor families started by the Congress tenure was stopped. At the same time, a government that talks about Antyodaya reduced the rations received by the poor during the Congress tenure. Edible oil, salt, sugar and lentils they were getting under the PDS was stopped,” he said.

“The report of NCRB from 2014 to 2020 shows that the law and order of the state is continuously deteriorating. The data of 2020 shows that Haryana is among the top three states in the country in serious cases like crime, rape, murder, kidnapping, ethnic conflict against women,” he added.

Hooda also questioned the government on the issue of inflation and said that the government has been continuously increasing the rates of petrol and diesel even during the pandemic and recession, going up by about Rs 25 within the last year. “Rising fuel prices have a direct impact on the prices of other commodities and inflation. Filling a domestic gas cylinder has become out of reach of the poor man and cylinders given under the Ujjawala scheme are turning into junk. Mustard oil, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables are disappearing from the kitchen of the poor,” he said.

The Haryana Congress under his leadership had started ‘Vipaksh Aapke Samaksh' outreach programme from Karnal on October 10. Hooda said, “It became clear from the program that people are very upset and frustrated with inflation, unemployment, corruption, crime, shortage of electricity and water, non-purchase of paddy and millets and breach of promises by the leaders of the ruling parties. It is due to this sentiment that in the constituency of the Chief Minister, the turnout was many times higher than expected as people wanted to share their problems,” he said.

He informed that the next event of the program will be held on November 14 in Jind.

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