BJP making a mockery of Indian Constitution, alleges Rajasthan CM

Baghel claimed the ED was hounding the Congress for BJP's political advantages

BJP making a mockery of Indian Constitution, alleges Rajasthan CM

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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, while addressing mediapersons at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi today, said that the golden history of modern India was under the leadership of Congress in 70 years.

He added, "But these 8 years will be documented as a dark period in our history. The Constitution is being made a mockery of, the democracy is in danger. There is tension in every village, every street of India. People are raising slogans everywhere. So when Rahul Gandhi said in London, that it’s almost as if kerosene is being sprayed in the country, we should understand that he meant the atmosphere in the country is becoming explosive. You saw for yourself, be it the communal violence during Ram Navami in 7 states. The same trend is being followed everywhere. Taking out protests against Friday Namaz. All this when corruption has crossed all limits in the country. BJP RSS leaders are looting the country, corruption has become ten fold. There’s just one man who’s fighting Modi constantly, and that is Rahul Gandhi. Which is why he is being targeted by Modi-Shah. It’s a clear cut matter but he is being sent notices."

Talking about the National Herald case, Gehlot went on to say, "National Herald was started in 1937, many freedom fighters became a part of it. After the Britishers banned it, the newspaper constantly weakened. And today, there are so many layoffs in media. It was us who asked Sonia ji to revive the newspaper because of its glorious history during the freedom struggle. From 2002-2012, in 100 installments, National Herald was given 90 crores rupees for its revival. There was Mr. Bhargava in Jaipur who didn’t receive his salary for 15 years but still was a part of the team. It was only an attempt by us to revive the paper. It was a non-profit committee, there was no way money could be taken out by anyone. Where does money laundering even come in then?"

He also alleged that the police was stopping Congress workers from entering the office. "We can't bring our own staff to the AICC office now. It was Delhi Police who caused the jam, but Congress was defamed. Police, CBI, ED I asked everyone to give me time to meet them, to listen to what I had to say, what is happening? No such thing ever happened to the BJP or any other opposition party during Congress rule."

He added, "These were the same people who jailed Indira Gandhi too. He also attacked the bulldozer politics of the govt. The opposition demanded the PM to appeal the citizens to maintain peace, law and order and to make it clear that he won’t tolerate violence. Why is he hesitating to say this? No one knows where the country is heading. BJP RSS is dangerous for the country."

Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel agreed with Gehlot. He said, "Our leaders are being attacked and detained. We are not even allowed to meet our fellow party leaders. The office bearers can’t enter the AICC. Only the two CMs were allowed to enter. This has never happened before. It’s the first time that political workers are not being allowed to enter their workplace."

Baghel claimed the ED was hounding the Congress for BJP's political advantages. He said, "This is happening because Rahul Gandhi has constantly called out the Modi govt in the last eight years. Be it about demonetisation, about the GST law, be it the way the lockdown was imposed, the ill preparation for Covid, unemployment, be it our border security, or be it for our farmers rights."

Baghel added, "Their nationalism is to curb anyone who’s speaking out, which is why central agencies are being misused, and political oppositions being charged with cases. Unhone Rahul Gandhi ke muh mei haath daalne ki koshish ki hai, unko bahut mehengi padegi."

Baghel claimed that the Congress won't back down now. "Ab paani sar se upar jaa raha hai, you can’t oppress us anymore. They are doing an unsuccessful attempt to malign Rahul and Sonia and to get stuck in cases. The way the Congress is being treated, the same Congress that led India’s freedom struggle and built it from scratch after independence, the way they’re stopping us from entering our own office, will they tell us if we can work in our office?"

Congress leader Mukul Wasnik too was of the same opinion. He stated. "Rahul Gandhi is ready to answer every question, he is not afraid to answer anything. This is not an attack on Rahul and Sonia, it’s an attempt to stop the party that gave India independence. If this is how ministers are treated under the Modi government, what will be the condition of the common man in the country?"

Wasnik said this is an unsuccessful attempt of the BJP to hide their failures. He added, "They had promised 2 crore jobs in 2014, today there should have been 16 crore employed youth, but now they’re talking about 10.5 lakh jobs in the next two years. They’re using ED, CBI, and other central agencies to hide their failures. We are following Gandhi’s Satyagraha, to unite the country that is being divided by the BJP and RSS."

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