Centralisation of education in NEP undermines India’s federalism, says student body

The Muslim Students’ Federation criticised the National Education Policy on many points

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The National Education Policy (NEP) has been formulated based on the interests of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) without considering diverse opinions and without having debates in Parliament, said the Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF). The organisation said it was opposed to the policy because of its power-centric nature which undermined India’s federal principles.

“While the entire world focuses on internationalisation of education system, the new education policy of India goes back to localization incorporating the Sangh Parivarideas into the curriculum,” the MSF said in a statement. Arabic has been deliberately removed from the list of foreign languages while Urdu has been removed from the list of Indian languages, it noted.

By dissolving all existing regulatory bodies such as UGC, AlCTE and NAAC, and uniting them under one body is nothing but sheer centralisation of power, a fundamental characteristic of fascism. “The formation of the National Research Foundation to control over research and of the National Testing Agency to control the admissions to central universities will spoil the academic liberty and flexibility and can be misused politically,” underscored the MSF.

The new education policy, which was approved by the Union Cabinet on July 29, neglects secularism, reservation, minority rights and legal protection for allotment of 6 per cent of the GDP for education. The MSF highlighted that the implementation of the policy without the Lok Sabha being convened presented a great danger to the future of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the NEP focuses on 'how to think', while the education system till now in the country emphasised on 'what to think'.

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