Chidambaram emerges stronger from prison, ready to take on Modi government

Sleeping on a wooden board in jail has strengthened my neck, my spine and my back, said the former Union minister

Senior Congress leader Chidambaram (NH Photo by Vipin)
Senior Congress leader Chidambaram (NH Photo by Vipin)

NH Political Bureau

Former FM P Chidambaram who walked out of Tihar jail on Wednesday evening after getting bail in INX media case, appeared stronger in spirit and more determined to take his battle forward against the Modi government.

Addressing the media, Chidambaram, who was incarcerated for 106 days in Tihar jail, expressed his resolve to fight Modi government in coming times.

However, in the same breath, he said that his government (if Congress comes back to power) will not resort to vendetta politics in future.

Quoting famous Tamil poet Saint Thiruvalluvar, Chidambaram said, “Those who do wrong, do good to them. We will not practise vendetta”.

Chidambaram who is known for his wit and in-depth understanding of the Indian economy, however, did not mince his words in his first media interaction after being released from the jail. He very categorically attacked PM Narendra Modi for ‘ruining the economy’.

“The government is wrong. It is wrong because it is clueless. It is unable to look for the obvious course because it is stubborn and mulish in defending its catastrophic mistakes like demonetisation, flawed GST, tax terrorism, regular overkill, protectionism, and centralised control of decision-making in the PMO,” he said.

Chidambaram said that he has emerged stronger from jail.

“In the last 106 days, I was strong in spirit and I have become stronger, in spirit and body. Sleeping on a wooden board in jail has strengthened my neck, my spine and my back. My neck is stronger, my spine is stronger, and my head is stronger,” said Chidambaram.

Showing that he will be adopting agitational politics to attack Modi government, Chidambaram very clearly said that he will be exposing the Modi government by giving interviews, talking to press and writing on issues affecting the economy.

Saying that the country is gripped with fear, Chidambaram, who is widely credited for presenting “dream budget” of India in 1997-98, praised industrialist Rahul Bajaj for speaking truth to power.

A senior journalist, after watching Chidambaram’s presser, termed him as ‘another Sharad Pawar’ who is going to create a lot of troubles for Modi government.

“He is going to put Modi government in the dock, especially on the issue of the economy,” he added.

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