As Rupee breaches ₹75 mark, PM reminded of his jibes on the ‘falling Rupee’  before 2014 

For the first time in history the Rupee breached the ₹75 mark to a dollar on Thursday. Twitter was quick to remind the PM of his jibe that the Rupee fell before 2014 due to corruption

As Rupee breaches ₹75 mark, PM reminded of his jibes on the ‘falling Rupee’  before 2014 

Zaheeb Ajmal

On a day when the Sensex plunged to a near-2014 level and the Rupee value against the US Dollar fell to INR 75 for the first time, tweets and taunts made by Narendra Modi when he was the Gujarat chief minister came back to haunt him on Thursday.

"The country is disappointed today because the government is neither concerned about the economy nor the falling rupee. It is only worried about saving its chair," he had said in August, 2013 in Gandhinagar.

The way in which the US dollar was getting strengthened and the Rupee was getting weaker, he declared in 2012, "in the international trade market, India won't be able to stand. Our businessmen who export and import goods won't be able to sustain this. Even the government cannot stand against it.”

"And the government in Delhi is not responding. The country wants to know Prime Ministerji, what is the reason that only the Indian rupee is falling against the dollar. I have always demanded and said that this has not happened due to economic factors but it has happened due to the corrupt politics that has started from Delhi."

Social media users were quick to point out the drastic fall in the Rupee value. Some of them recalled how India was able to sail through the worst global recession of 2008 and lamented that now economy is sinking constantly:

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