Congress demands thorough probe in case involving J&K DSP Davinder Singh

Speaking at a media briefing, AICC spokesperson Supriya Shrinate pointed out that the disgraced police official was just not an important official but had the confidence of the government

Davinder Singh (Photo courtesy: Twitter)
Davinder Singh (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

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The Congress on Friday said that the arrest of J&K Police DSP Davinder Singh in connection with his suspected role in abetting terrorism was a matter of national security over which the government should not play politics.

Speaking at a media briefing, AICC spokesperson Supriya Shrinate demanded a through probe into the issue which was above the board. “There can be no room for suspicion and which is why it is important when I say that the NIA’s role has been under the scanner, has been on the radar, I think, it is important for the government to satisfy every constituent including the citizen of this country that this probe will be above board and we believe that a fast track court is a better authority or better court for appeal as far as this case is concerned,” she said.

She added: “There are serious questions that are raised on our security. There are uncomfortable questions raised on how a man of his stature had the audacity to ferry terrorists into Delhi. But at the same time, what India should be worried about is how important this official was. He was just not another police official in J&K, he was somebody who was responsible for the security of foreign envoys and you must have seen this – his pictures in national newspapers and elsewhere, how on the 9th of January, just three days before he was arrested – he was responsible for the security of 17 foreign envoys.

So, he was just not an important official, he had the confidence of the government. The government thought that he was an important person and which is why he was entrusted with the task so important. He was also somebody and I want to place it on record he was also somebody who was Dy. SP, DR in the Pulwama Region where the dastardly terror attack had happened in which 40 of our innocent brave soldiers lost their lives and questions continue to haunt the country, questions continue to remain unanswered, how was so much of RDX imported, how did he manage to find its way 180 Kms. into India and those questions have still not been answered.”

“He is also the same official who faces three FIRs in matters of extortion. He is also the same official whose name had come up in the Parliament attack. My question is that how could an officer of his rank, of his stature, now arrested with terrorists on board, whom he was trying to ferry, why is the government conspicuously silent and the conspicuous silence raises more uncomfortable questions.

The questions are about the protection, the questions are who was he reporting to, was he a mere pawn in the larger scheme of things, who is responsible for this, how did he have the audacity to ferry terrorists into Republic Day celebrations and plot an attack, whose confidence does he really enjoy and why is the government – (by) the government I mean the National Security Advisor – the Home Minister or the Prime Minister, conspicuously silent? Why are they not speaking a word on how Davinder Singh’s entire conduct has been not just his career, especially in this episode,” Shrinate said.

Shrinate also expressed reservations at the matter being investigated by the NIA. “We are given to understand this entire matter will be handed over to National Investigation Agency. I don’t want to say much except to place on record that YC Modi, the Head of the NIA, is the same person of Assam-Meghalaya cadre who had probed the Haren Pandya murder case and the Gujarat riots,” she said.

She said NIA’s role had been under suspicion as far as investigation of cases such as those related to Pragya Thakur and Swami Aseemanand etc were concerned.

“There can be no room for suspicion, there can be no room for doubt as far as Davinder Singh and his conduct is concerned. Any room for doubt is paving the way for Indians to be worried about the security; it is paving the way for Indians to raise larger grimmer questions, some of those that remain unanswered today as far as Pulwama or even our Parliament attack now seems to be concerned.

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