Coping with burnout or high stress? This oil can help

It is important to find out a way that relieves the mental, physical and emotional symptoms caused by burnout syndrome. One of the well-researched solutions includes Premium CBD Oil

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)

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The term ‘burnout’ has its origin in the 1970s. It was coined by an American psychologist known as Herbert Freudenberger to describe the effects of severe stress and the high ideals of people working in helping professions. Gradually, the term broadened to include exhaustion, inability to cope up, and listlessness of people due to stressful lifestyles.

The affected people feel emotionally drained, anxious, and do not have enough energy. The physical symptoms can include pain and bowel problems. They find it hard to stay connected and emotionally alienate themselves from their work. Burnout makes every task difficult and increases the difficulty in concentration and results in a lack of creativity.

The current lifestyle has become even more stressed due to increased pressure at work, loss of jobs, cash crunching due to the pandemic. COVID has also made people lose health and loved ones which have, in turn, increased the stress on people. The concern of mental health has increased as there is a rise in depression, anxiety and burnout syndrome.
Taking the solution-oriented approach, it is important to find out a way that relieves the mental, physical and emotional symptoms caused by burnout syndrome. One of the well-researched solutions includes Premium CBD Oil. The CBD oil in India can be formed from various processes but the chose the best out of them to get the best benefits of CBD oil is important.

Premium CBD Oil helps in treating insomnia caused by anxiety and stress. The effect is due to its soothing effect. The physical symptoms caused by stress such as body pain and knee pain can be relieved with the best knee pain oil in India. CBD oil in India starts giving relief within 30 minutes of application. It counteracts the brain damage caused by chronic stress and makes the affected person get over emotional and mental exhaustion. It stimulates the functioning of neurons in the brain that help in improving the concentration in tasks.

The other benefits of CBD oil include alleviating symptoms related to cancer. Studies have shown that CBD has anti-cancer properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving acne. The neuroprotective properties of CBD oil in India help in the prevention form neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. By reducing oxidative stress, CBD oil helps in reducing high blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases. Premium CBD Oil improves the overall quality and wellbeing of life not only for humans but also for pets. CBD oil for pets is getting popular for its good effects in improving well-being.

CBD oil benefits of CBD oil for pets include relieving anxiety and stress, seizures and epilepsy, joint and body pain, digestive problems. Doctors believe that properly made CBD oil can help you and your pet cope up with stress without getting you high. When taken in prescribed or mentioned doses, CBD oil can be a wise choice to deal with your emotional, mental and physical health. Dr Swapnil Bachhao, M.D Physician, Medical Cannabis Consultant believes, “arthritis pain, back pain, and inflammation can easily be healed using CBD based form of treatment.”

To get the best CBD oil benefits, there cannot be any compromise with the quality. CBD oil made by Hempstrol is done according to the legislature set by the US and India. The company uses industrial hemp to manufacture it in the US. Abiding by laws, the company has kept a panel of doctors who can be consulted for the correct prescription. The products offered by Hempstrol can be taken by choice as well from online and offline stores in India. Industrial hemp with other health-improving ingredients in various products by Hempstrol has immense health-related benefits.

With inputs from Deepika Sharma, co-founder, Hempstrol

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Published: 22 Sep 2021, 11:00 PM