COVID-19: ‘Magic medicine’ of Jaipur’s hospital cures 3 patients, draws attention in medical world

Termed as the ‘magic medicine’ which cured three patients of coronavirus in Rajasthan, this combination of drugs is drawing attention and 6 states have already requested to know more about it

COVID-19: ‘Magic medicine’ of Jaipur’s hospital cures 3 patients, draws attention in medical world

Prakash Bhandari

The magic medicine that cured three coronavirus positive persons in Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh hospital has caused ripples in the medical sector. The medical departments of six states, Karnataka, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh have contacted the Rajasthan medical department to know about this miracle-medicine that has proved effective long before any country could develop a vaccine to overcome the threat of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the state government has informed the Italian embassy in Delhi that the two patients, who have now been cured can return home as the hospital is ready to discharge them.

After successfully curing three old persons including two Italian tourists, the “health warrior” team of doctors of the Sawai Man Singh hospital of Jaipur are treating a 24-year-old youth with the same combination of medicine with all the hopes.

“We have received the inquiries from these six states as the medicine has worked wonders to the fullest satisfaction of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). I would call the doctors of the Sawai Man Singh Hospital “Health Warriors” because they worked tirelessly to counter the menace of the dreadful Coronavirus. In fact, ever since the 69-year-old Italian tourist was found positive by the National Institute of Virology at Pune, the doctors swung into action. The Italian was isolated and was kept under strong vigil in a separate room and the doctors started working on the treatment plan” said Rohit Kumar Singh, the additional chief secretary of the medical and health department.

Dr Sudhir Bhandari, the principal of Sawai Man Singh Hospital and the controllers of SMS Hospital along with a team of doctors studied various journals relating to the treatment of the virus-infected persons.

“After much thought, we decided to work on the antiretroviral therapy after getting approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research in Delhi. Within five-six days using the combination of medicines, we first cured the Italian tourist, who is 69 and then his wife who is 70. The magic medicine worked in the third case when we cured the eighty-five-year-old person of Jaipur who had contracted the disease in Dubai” said Dr Sudhir Bhandari.

The team of doctors, who studied coronavirus found that the molecular structure of HIV and COVID19 were similar to some extent.  In the treatment of HIV, the doctors use antiretro therapy which includes lopinavir and ritonavir.

“But to begin with, the patients were given medicines that are given to the swine flu patients and thereafter drugs given to HIV patients were given. Luckily the cocktail worked wonders and the doctors saw sudden improvement in the health of the patients.” Said Rohit K Singh.

The three persons who tested positive were administered a combination of  200mg Lopinavir and 50 mg of Ritonavir twice a day besides Oseltamivir and Chloroquine that are given to the swine flu and malaria patients.

However, the doctors at the SMS Hospital warned that this was only an emergency treatment and the HIV medicines were used only as an emergency measure that could help in regaining normalcy. But such medication required following a regulatory process of randomized controlled trials.

A medical and health department officials said that the six states who have asked for the “magic medicine” have been advised to follow the drill adopted by the Jaipur doctors. But this should be regulated on case to case basis and a lot of observations will have to be made from time to time and the monitoring should be done by specialists and under a well-equipped quarantine environment.

Meanwhile, Governor Kalraj Mishra and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot have praised the grand work done by the SMS Hospital doctors which became a benchmark in the country.

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