Crisis being exploited by govt to take away people’s power through their representatives: Congress

‘Whether through the bills, suspension of question hour, curtailment of zero hour, this moment of crisis is only being exploited by BJP govt to centralize their power,” spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi said

Congress leader and MP Gaurav Gogoi (PTI)
Congress leader and MP Gaurav Gogoi (PTI)

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Gaurav Gogoi, MP & spokesperson, AICC took on the BJP government at the Centre while addressing media persons at Vijay Chowk, outside the Parliament House on Monday.

He said, “The first most important thing that we raised in today’s Parliament was opposing the introduction of the ordinances and bills related to farmers, agriculture and the essential commodities. This is an act which will give freedom to corporate to brutally exploit the farmers and take away the protection that the Minimum Support Price gives them and the various State Mandi Acts give them.”

“Secondly, we raised the issue that at least on the first day, the government should give an assurance on the Indo-China border issue, When will this issue be taken up in Lok Sabha, when will this issue will be taken up in Rajya Sabha and in what form will the Prime Minister speak on this issue? These are clarifications, we did not want debate, but, at least a clarification on day one should be given because the entire country is watching, but no such indication was given in the Parliament today,” he added.

“Thirdly, we objected and strongly objected to the way, the starred questions have been suspended and zero hour has been curtailed, this is nothing, but, an attack on the dignity of the Indian Parliament and curbing the rights of legislatures and taking away the accountability, the Government of India has towards the people of India. Government of India has only consented to written answers, but, written answers are written by the officers and bureaucrats. The people of India have not elected bureaucrats; the people of India have elected the Prime Minister and his council of Ministers. So, the council of Ministers and the Prime Minister are duty bound to answer to the people of India directly to the questions. So, we have seen whether through the bills, whether through the suspension of question hour, the curtailment of zero hour, this moment of crisis is only being used and exploited by the BJP Government to centralize their power to reduce the scope of the legislator and take away people’s power through their representatives,” he said.

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