Dhoni’s monk look sends social media in a frenzy     

Dhoni’s new look with tonsured head and donning a Kasaya has left his fans marvelling as to what their hero is up to. Is he taking sanyas?

Dhoni’s monk look sends social media in a frenzy      

VP Sharan

Curiosity has gripped M.S. Dhoni’s fans in Jharkhand ever since a photo of the former cricket skipper in a monk avatar has gone viral on social media. It has left his fans in Ranchi, Dhoni’s native city, puzzled. “What do you think is it about?” tweeted one but the another of his fans consoled, “The king who became a monk and went to jungle decides to come back to his kingdom and fulfil his duties.”

Most of Dhoni’s admirers are finding it difficult to believe that the monk look is for real.

Dhoni was born and brought up in Ranchi. His family lived in the Mecon Colony as his father worked with Mecon, a central government PSU, before Dhoni made it in cricket.

Thereafter the family shifted to their new abode in Harmu Housing Colony and Dhoni built a farm house spread over 40 acres on the outskirts of the city where he grows exotic vegetables and has a dairy farm. These products are sold in the local market and are quite popular.

Dhoni is famous for his makeovers that usually become a trend. From being a long-haired new comer in the cricket team to clean-shaven looks at the height of his career, he has always been a trendsetter. These apart, his cool attitude and the love for fast imported motorbikes and luxury cars have his fans drool over him.

So, when Dhoni’s photo with tonsured head, donning a Kasaya and sitting in a pensive posture appeared on the social media, his fans were left marvelling as to what their hero was up to. Many people guessed that the new look could be part of a commercial for IPL 2021 starting April 9.

However, many also linked it to Dhoni’s calm and composed stance on the cricket ground. “Monk like patience, warrior like spirit,” tweeted a fan, with another adding, “I see no difference. He has always been a monk, even on the field!”

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