Diljit Dosanjh is the last person to get into a spat

If he could be provoked so hard by Kangana Ranaut, think of what effect she has on ordinary mortals in the entertainment business who do not possess Diljit’s mental equipoise

Diljit Dosanjh (Photo courtesy: Twitter)
Diljit Dosanjh (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Subhash K Jha

I know Diljit Dosanjh well. He is even-tempered, soft-spoken, always affable and  never negative.

If he could be provoked so hard by  Kangana Ranaut, think of what effect she has on  ordinary mortals in the entertainment business  who do not possess Diljit's mental equipoise.

It’s a free-for-all between the usually mild-mannered Diljit Dosanjh and the never-mild-mannered Kangana Ranaut. After  he pointed out her irresponsible behavior in confusing a farmers’ rights protester with a Shaheen Bagh protester, she retaliated by  calling him a Karan Johar chamcha.

One thought that the normally pacified Diljit would quietly withdraw on seeing Ms Ranaut’s aggression on Twitter. But Diljit has hit right back. And the two had a slinging match on social media on Thursday to rival the one that Kangana has had in the past  with Taapsee Pannu, Urmila Matondkar, and so many others.

While Diljit refused to be drawn into a media war with  Ms Ranaut a close friend of the actor said, “She again crossed the line calling him a chamcha of Karan  Johar. Diljit is a huge global star. He is much bigger than Ms Ranaut in Punjab and among NRIs. And if he has Karan Johar’s productions so has half the industry. So every actor from Shah  Rukh Khan to  Ranbir Singh to Varun Dhawan who has worked with  Johar is a ‘chamcha? Kangana too has worked in a Karan Johar production, by the way (Ungli, 2014).”

One doesn’t know where Ms Ranaut’s latest war will go. But Diljit Dosanjh is not the  kind of person who gets provoked easily. This is not the way he normally retaliates. I guess  some people have a way of bringing out the worst in those whom they cross.

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