Einstein, not Newton, discovered gravity, according to Piyush Goyal

Defending Modi govt over economic slowdown, Union Minister Piyush Goyal told a gathering that they shouldn’t get into ‘maths’ of GDP growth because maths ‘never helped Einstein discover gravity’

Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal is a chartered accountant by profession (PTI)
Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal is a chartered accountant by profession (PTI)

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After PM Modi’s theory that clouds help fighter jets evade radars, it was Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal’s turn to make common science knowlege stand on its head with his propagation that it was actually Einstein who discovered gravity.

The school syllabi have so far maintained that Isaac Newton had introduced the world to the concept of gravity.

Goyal’s startling revelation came on Thursday during a Board of Trade meeting. He was trying to drive home the point that all the calculation and mathematical figures about the economy were “useless”. In his enthusiasm to assert his point, Goyal went on to preach the gathering that maths had not helped Einstein discover gravity.

Don't get into the calculations that you on TV that if the country has to become USD 5 trillion economy, the GDP must grow at 12 per cent but we are growing at 6-7 per cent etc. Don't get into that maths. Those maths never helped Einstein discover gravity,” he said.

“If he had gone by structured formulae and what was the past knowledge I don't think there would have been any innovation in this world,” the Minister added.

Nothing can be closer to truth than his later statement. There wouldn’t have been any innmovation in the scientific and economic fields had PM Modi and his ministers relied on “what was the past knowledge”.

Indeed, had PM Narendra Modi not told the Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots that clouds can shield their planes from prying Pakistani radars while they were planning the Balakot air strike in February this year, the poor IAF would have continued waiting for the weather to clear and the strikes would not have happened.

Similarly, the economists and the automobile industry leaders would have continued banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out as to why their sales were at an all time lowest had Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman wouldn’t have come forth with her brilliant hypothesis that the millenials love for Uber and Ola rides was the leading cause behind the declining sales of cars.

Now, had Piyush Goyal, a chartered accountant by profession, not told the business and trading community that mathematical numbers are irrelevant in gauging the health of economy, they would have continued to worry over the numbers that invariably show that India’s economy in a big mess.

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