English Vinglish: India is ‘her’; morons are ‘them’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi referred to India as ‘her’, and rightly so, in a condolence tweet. The right wing trolls immediately jumped into the fray, well, to prove yet again what they are –morons!

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Rana Siddiqui Zaman

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was trolled on Saturday for a condolence tweet on the death of Olympian sprinter Milkha Singh.

Rahul Gandhi had posted on his Twitter handle, “India remembers her #FlyingSikh. Shri Milkha Singh was not just a sports star but also an inspiration for millions of Indians for his dedication and resilience.”

In no time, the paid trolls swarmed and questioned his knowledge of English.

One of the trolls wrote in Hindi, “isko Shahshi Tharoor ne Englis sikhai hogi [sic] (Shahshi Tharoor must have taught him Englis”), indicating his own stupidity.

Another one, namely, ‘HinduLivesMatter’ put his wisdom forth. He said, “India remembers his #FlyingSikh Bolo bhai!”.

By the way, India and almost all the nations of the world address their countries as “her”, because it is their “mother land”, except Germany, which calls its land “the father land”.

Let me clear your heads dear trolls that you yourself address India as Bharat Mata (Mother India), so how could Rahul Gandhi refer to the “mother”, a woman, with a masculine gender pronoun?

Yet another paid troll displayed his poor knowledge of English language as he said, “RG had addressed Milkha Singh as a woman, by saying her!!” He claimed that RG had metamorphosed a man into woman.

Keeping his cool and sanity, RG -- as Rahul Gandhi is fondly called -- has chosen to remain silent. Of course, he must be laughing in his sleeves at the stupidity of these trolls who once again ate crow.

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    Published: 19 Jun 2021, 8:57 PM