From jurisdiction to 45 days delay, Congress questions validity of Delhi Police’s case against Rahul Gandhi

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot warned that the Modi government was setting dangerous precedents

Delhi Police outside Rahul Gandhi's house in New Delhi on Sunday, 19 March
Delhi Police outside Rahul Gandhi's house in New Delhi on Sunday, 19 March

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The Congress on Sunday raised serious questions over the validity of Delhi Police visiting Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Rahul Gandhi’s house second time within three days over ‘women being sexually assaulted’  remarks he made 45 days back in Srinagar, and stressed that this was being done to sensationalise things and deflect attention from the Adani scam.

The party also warned that the Modi government was setting dangerous precedents through such petty gimmicks.

Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi demanded to know as to what was the hurry for the Delhi Police to come knocking back at Rahul’s door second time in three days pertaining to a 45 days old speech made in Kashmir.

Singhvi, a senior Supreme Court advocate, also questioned the jurisdiction of the Delhi Police when “all of this relates to a speech in Jammu & Kashmir and to most probably events outside of Delhi”.

“A Delhi Police team came to Rahul Gandhi’s house on 16th of March with two-page long questionnaire demanding to know the details, names, dates, places of the women who had met Rahul Gandhi.

“Now, during the nearly 4,000-km yatra spanning 12 states, two Union Territories, Rahul interacted with millions of people over 140 days.  The details the Delhi Police is asking need some time to compile and collate and they know it. So, on the 16th of March, the police team went satisfied. But today, within three days, the police came again and with the same set of questions. What is the hurry?” Singhvi demanded to know.

“The speech was made on 30 January in Kashmir. If Rahul Gandhi said something that the Delhi Police needs probe, what was it doing for the past 45 days? And why is it in such a hurry now. Of course, there can be no reason other than harassment and intimidation,” he added.

“We will give detailed reply to their questions but we asked Delhi Police you have come second time within three days. In how many cases have you shown such alacrity, how many political parties have you questioned over their yatras and rallies, more particularly the ruling party?” Singhvi said.

The Janata Govt (1977) too Had Resorted to Political Vendetta, Thrown out

Rajasthan chief minister and veteran Congress leader Ashok Gehlot pointed out that the Janata Party government that came to power in 1977 had resorted to intimidating Mrs Indira Gandhi, but the public gave them a befitting reply by throwing them out of the power.

“Without orders from the top, the Delhi Police cannot take such action. In fact, there is no reason for the police to go to this length. They cannot harass anyone and enter even a common citizen’s house like this, let alone Rahul Gandhi who is a big leader,” Gehlot said.

The chief minister wondered what would happen if his government too started lodging FIRs against Union ministers if they raise an issue pertaining to the state. “They are setting bad precedents,” he underlined.

Modi Govt wants attention off the Adani scam

The Modi government is deliberately doing all this to deflect attention from the Adani scam, party MP Jairam Ramesh said.

This is being done deliberately to divert people's attention from the Adani scam. Ever since 16 political parties demanded JPC probe and ever since Rahul Gandhi spoke in Parliament over the Adani issue, the BJP has been trying all sorts of tactics to deflect public attention from the issue,” Ramesh said.

“Union minister are attacking Rahul Gandhi, he is not being allowed to speak in Parliament despite requests to the Speaker,” he added.

Ramesh said that as long as this politics of vendetta and harassment goes on, “there can be no so-called middle path” with the government.

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