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Parliament (PTI)
Parliament (PTI)

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Sonali Ranade @sonaliranade The most closely guarded open secret of Modi 1.0 and 2.0 is the Foreign Portfolio Investments [FPI] over last 5 years are near zero. So much so that GoI never mentions FPI in its discourse and only tom-toms FDI. The great hope was that Modi 2.0 would reverse the outflows.

Derek O’Brien @derekobrienmp 7 Bills passed this #ParliamentSession in 13 days. All 7 were (emergency, sic) Ordinances. All 7 were not sent for any legislative scrutiny. Worse still, Govt snatching the ‘credit’. Taking #ConstructiveOpposition for granted, are you!

Shekhar Gupta @ShekharGupta Legions of privacy-warriors against Aadhar are silent on Delhi Govt’s mass surveillance of school-children. Probably, privacy should be no concern for poorer kids going to sarkari schools. But life & death for us privileged. If you needed more evidence privacy was a clas thing..

Post-budget gift by FM @nsitharaman to the fourth estate: No entry for journalists inside the North Block. First blow was a 10% customs duty on newsprint announced in the Union Budget

Thank you @JonAshworth for raising the issue of continuous state-backed violent attacks on Muslims in India with your Foreign Office. About 15% of British Muslims are from India, I'd request more of them to raise this issue with their MPs.

Captain Amrinder Singh @capt_amarinder Happy to share that 99 players will be honoured with the ‘Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award’, including 18 legendary players who have brought laurels to our great state. Punjab has been synonymous with Sports since centuries & it’s my dream to once again make Punjab #1 in sports!

Goa has highest prevalence of diabetes (6.8%), Kerala has highest awareness levels (69.4%), Meghalaya has highest % of patients seeking care (61.4%) and those who manage to control blood sugar levels (53.8%):

I traveled in @karwanemohabbat to Assam, meeting families of persons who died or in detention centres. I was prohibited by Assam administration to speak to over 1000 people who had gathered about the NRC. I spoke instead of the guarantees of our constitution - equality, justice

Once the SC ordered independent SITs to investigate corruption in police&CBI. Sometimes retired Judges were asked to head SITs. Now the SC seeks help of CBI&police to check corruption in SC registry! Will compromise independence of the Judiciary.Retrograde

An insightful joke: BJP strategy to cleanse opp parties of corruption is the ED, IT and absorbing, like Shiva, the poison of corruption by taking all corrupt elements into their own party! TDP and Karnataka? Where are we heading!

Gosh, Aranese looks like a beautiful language. A variant of Occitan, it is spoken by 10,000 people in Spain, who can now read this Tintin album. "Translating works into Aranese is not very attractive commercially," says its publisher.

The first bridge built by L&T was for the movie Bridge on the River Kwai in 1956-57. The location was in Sri Lanka. The contract included blowing it up as part of the last scene of the movie. Few such BOB ( Build - Operate -Blow ) contracts these days !

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