Give Rs.10,000 to poor: 50 lakh Congress workers to demand direct cash transfer on Facebook on Thursday

Congress leaders, members of all frontal organisation will go online simultaneously to pitch the demand for direct cash transfer of Rs 10,000 to the account of poor


NH Political Bureau

Taking a cue from the Uttar Pradesh where 50,000 Congressmen went online simultaneously to highlight the plight of the migrants and ‘misrule’ of the Yogi Adityanath-led government, nearly 50 lakh people associated with the grand old party are expected to take part in an online campaign on Thursday to demand direct cash transfer to all the families outside the income tax bracket.

According to sources, Congress leaders, workers, members of all frontal organizations along with the sympathizers, will simultaneously go online on Facebook to pitch the demand for direct cash transfer of Rs. 10,000 to the account of all the families outside income tax bracket in advance.

Besides, Congressmen also raise the demand for the implementation of the NYAY scheme under which, direct cash transfer of Rs. 7,500 to all poor has been envisaged by the Congress. Congressmen have been asked to go online on Facebook between 11 am to 2 pm, said sources.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi along with the in-charge of the UP-Congress Priyanka Gandhi and all state heads will take part in the online campaign.

Congress has time and again demanded that to tide over the financial woes caused by the lockdown, the Modi government should implement a NYAY-like scheme.

Even at his press conference on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi reiterated the demand for the direct cash transfer, “Many MSMEs will go bankrupt, people will be unemployed and hence we are stressing that injection of money into MSMEs and the poor are required. It will be fatal if it is not done”.

Sources said that the idea behind the online campaign is to build up pressure on the government. Analysts believe that the Modi government is on the backfoot over the handling of the Corona crisis and it also failed to mitigate the lockdown woes.

“Coming out of the shadow of the drubbing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Congress has emerged as a vibrant opposition party in recent times. The Modi government cannot ignore the issued raised by the Congress,” said an analyst.

Coincidently, BJP has also announced that in the coming days, the ruling party and alliance partners will hold virtual rallies to highlight the “success” of the Modi government in the fight against the Corona pandemic.

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