Goa: Dependents of mining industry to hold protest marches across state

People dependent on mining industry will hold protest marches to the residences of all MLAs as CM Parrikar has failed to give any clarity on resumption of mining after his return from USA

Photo courtesy: PTI
Photo courtesy: PTI

Special Correspondent

With Chief minister Manohar Parrikar failing to give any clarity on resumption of mining after his return from the US, the people dependent on the mining industry have decided to hold protest marches to the residences of the MLAs.

Goa Mining People’s Front has said that they will march to residences of all the legislators in the state from July 3 onwards to make them aware of the mining industry.

“Even after return of the chief minister Manohar Parrikar from the US, there seems to be no clarity on the way forward for the mining industry,” said GMPF President Puti Gaonkar, and added that people are on the street were protesting every day, and government cannot be silent on such an issue.

“The marches now would be held in phased manner to the private residences of all the legislators. We will be peacefully walking to their houses,” he added.

GMPF is currently holding sit-in protests in five places including Panaji from mid-June onwards. Gaonkar said that the mega protest march on July 19 would be held in the Assembly complex on the first day of the monsoon session. He said that BJP Member of parliament Narendra Sawaikar had visited the protesters on Thursday and during the discussion maintained that “some solution is being worked out through powers in Delhi for the problem”.

“Sawaikar did not specify what is the solution that is being thought about by the government,” Gaonkar said.

He said that the GMPF had sought formal appointment with the chief minister to discuss the issue. “We are yet to get any response for our letter seeking an appointment,” the leader added.

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