Govt should tell country the truth about Chinese ‘transgressions’ at the border in Ladakh: Congress

‘The monthly report of the Defence Ministry which was withdrawn clearly says that Chinese Army had intruded into Indian territory,’ party spokesperson Ajay Maken said at an online press conference

Ajay Maken (Photo courtesy- social media)
Ajay Maken (Photo courtesy- social media)

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The Congress on Thursday asked the government why a Defence Ministry report mentioning Chinese ''transgressions'' in eastern Ladakh in May was taken down, with party leader Rahul Gandhi alleging that removal of the document from websites would not change facts.

The document, which was uploaded on the Defence ministry's website, was removed on Thursday morning following publication of a media report based on it.

"Forget standing up to China, India’s PM lacks the courage even to name them. Denying China is in our territory and removing documents from websites won’t change the facts," Gandhi tweeted while tagging the news report based on the Defence ministry document.

The ministry report for the month of June had also said the situation in eastern Ladakh arising out of "unilateral aggression" by China continues to be sensitive and requires close monitoring as well as prompt action. It added that the face-off on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is likely to be "prolonged".

At an online press conference, Congress spokesperson Ajay Maken said the government should tell the country the truth about Chinese

''transgressions'' at the border in Ladakh, adding there should be complete transparency on the matter. "The monthly report of the Defence ministry which was withdrawn clearly says that Chinese Army had intruded into Indian territory," he said.

“Actually, what is happening now? Particularly, on 19th June, 2020, Prime Minister’s statement, where he categorically said that they had never intruded into an Indian territory, there was never any Chinese intrusion and none of our post is being occupied by the Chinese army. So, on one hand Prime Minister said this and on the other hand the circular which was withdrawn; the monthly report of major activities which was put on their website by the Defence Ministry which was withdrawn clearly says that the Chinese side transgressed in the areas of Kugrang Nala, Gogra and north bank of Pangong Tso lake as earlier 17th or 18th May, 2020,” he said.

“So, the Chinese army had intruded into the Indian territory much before the Prime Minister’s denial that they had never intruded into an Indian territory. So, why was the Indian Prime Minister lying to the country? So, one question after the another instead of solving or answering the issue, the way the Central Government, the way Modi Government is handling the entire issue, is raising more questions instead of answering them. There should be complete transparency as to what the government’s strategy is? How much the Chinese army has come into the Indian Territory? How much of Indian Territory is with the Chinese now? What is the future plan of action?” Maken asked.

“As I said earlier, five corps commander level meetings have taken place, which have been inconclusive? So, what is the future plan for the Government? So, are our borders safe today; is it safe to say today that the Chinese are not going to come further? So, what is the plan of the

Central Government, what is the plan of Modi Government- that is what the Congress Party wants to know from the BJP led Modi Government,” he said.

On the question over the manner in which government is in flip-flopping stand over Chinese stand-off, will the government demand a special parliament session on it, Maken said, “As far as the Parliament session is concerned the Congress party and various congress leaders have in the past also said that there are so many other issues concerning the country and a way should be found out to call a Parliament session. It is not Chinese transgression, of course, is one of the bigger issue. Also the corona is one of the very important issues and the economic situation of the country also. So, these are very important things.

Then there should be a way out to convene Parliament – a virtual session or there should be different ways – the government should look at different ways and means to call the parliament session, we strongly feel. It is not only the Chinese transgression. Of course, it is very important issue, corona also and economic slow-down also. These two are also important issues.”

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