Have cops got definite political go-head to attack and hound Muslims?  

Not one of the Hindutva lot ought to be believed, as they are deceiving and hoodwinking people. One of these rulers says no NRC, but almost simultaneously the second in command is busy implementing it

Policemen stand guard near Jamia Millia Islamia following the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act, in New Delhi, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 (PTI Photo)
Policemen stand guard near Jamia Millia Islamia following the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act, in New Delhi, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019 (PTI Photo)

Humra Quraishi

If one were to focus on last week’s police brutality in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh alone then the extent of those brutalities would be enough to call it a brute force. At least two students have been blinded by police lathis. Fingers and hands and wrists of several students either cut if not grievously wounded by the brute police force.

Educational institutions, hostel rooms, libraries barged into before getting ransacked by the policemen. Teenagers and children thrashed and detained and even shot dead by cops. Stones hurled at the unarmed protesters by the so-called unknown goons, though we all know that they are not ‘unknown’ but known to be from Hindutva brigades or cops camouflaged in civilian attire!

Firings and killings at the unarmed protestors by cops. Women protestors taking part in peaceful protests picked up by cops and thrashed before arrested on the various charges under their command! In several towns of Western Uttar Pradesh cops pulling out children and teenagers from their homes and dragging them away…attacking Muslim shopkeepers and Muslim households and homes, as though the cops had that definite political go- ahead to attack and hound the minority community.

Lucknow’s well-known and respected human rights activists, cultural artistes, theatre artistes assaulted and arrested by the state police. Mosques and the imams and maulvis inside those mosques, attacked and threatened by the police force together with the Hindutva goons in several towns of Western Uttar Pradesh and also in New Delhi’s Jamia Nagar and connected localities.

To top it all, internet and broadband services shut in several towns of Uttar Pradesh, so that those attacked and hounded by the Hindutva brigades cum the police force have no means to reach out for help.

I am seeing a very distinct similarity between the hounding of all those citizens raising their voice against CAA and NRC, with what these fascist rulers have been doing in the Kashmir Valley in these recent years. Perhaps, the only difference is that there, in the Valley, it is the military might hold sway and here in New Delhi and in Uttar Pradesh and also in parts of Karnataka it is police force unleashing brutality.

There is also similarity in the Hindutva lot’s propaganda and pack of lies that they are insisting on spreading out. After killing and arresting hundreds of Kashmiri minors and adults, after snapping all connectivity in the Valley, after robbing the Kashmiri of even the basic means of livelihood, after unleashing the soldier on the hapless, these Hindutva rulers insist all’s fine in the Valley.

The very same lies they are heaping on us now - now, when hundreds and thousands of my country men and women have got up in protest against the dictators out to destroy this land , this country….Now, when the citizens of the country have at last woken up and seen how we stand ruined on any given front if the Hindutva lot are allowed to sit perched on the rulers’ seats.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the biggest trait to the Hindutva brigade is that they speak in four different voices, to spread around confusion, commotion and religious and regional divides.

In fact, going by the revolts taking place all over the country, these Hindutva rulers could buy time and with that throw about bogus assurances and lies… It shouldn’t shock us if they bring about NRC and CAA in some other form and shape and if they throw the hapless in the detention centres under severe threats and also by using the police force.

Not one of the Hindutva lot ought to be believed, as they are deceiving and hoodwinking and conning the people of the country by falsehood! One of these rulers says no NRC and CAA, but almost simultaneously the second in command is seen busy implementing it!

In fact, on Tuesday as the NPR - National Population Register - was passed, these Hindutva rulers had audacity to give those staged television interviews, to stress that NRC and the NPR are not connected! Of course, the two are connected. One hundred percent connected. One follows the other…In fact the implementation of the NPR is the very first step or the say the starting step in the implementation of the NRC. So there has to be a complete no to NPR, as it will pave way for the implementation of the NRC.

I’m quoting from these particular relevant lines from the official annual report of the Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner- “ The National Population Register (NPR) is the first step towards the creation of the National Register of Indian Citizens ( NRIC) under the provisions of the aforementioned Statute…”

Perhaps, these rulers did not realize the entire nation will all too suddenly wake up and revolt. Out on the streets of their cities and towns, crying hoarse that don’t ruin and divide us any further…In the anti-CAA and NRC protest meets that I attended here in New Delhi, I could see hundreds and thousands of protesters from different professions and with varying religious identities.

And though from the various age groups but predominantly it’s the young student protestors who are leading the way, awakening the country to these  dark realities of the day.

Quite obviously the rulers could be somewhat rattled, and that’s why every possible ploy cum tactic is getting used to sabotage these people’s protests. Even on December 24 – when the largest rally was to take place at Mandi House - Section 144 was clamped.

The other tactic is the shutting down of Metro stations …In fact, last week whilst commuting to one of the protest meets in New Delhi, I had to face five closed metro stations! It was difficult getting an auto- rickshaw as those poor drivers told me that if they go driving around Mandi House intersection they could get beaten by the cops stationed in that area. So I took to walking …don’t know how many kilometres I must walked that afternoon but it was a tense walk as there were stray dogs on the roads and monkeys atop the trees along the roads.

In fact, whilst walking I’d thinking that whilst walking on the Srinagar roads there are only the stray dogs to be wary of, and of course, the soldiers’ pellet guns, but on the New Delhi roads it’s a double whammy - monkeys and dogs! Not to overlook the so called ‘unknown’ killers and shooters that the State has unleashed amongst silent and unarmed protesters. Of course, we all know that these are not really unknown killers but well -trained killers unleashed by the Agencies!

News reports coming from Uttar Pradesh are more than disturbing. Instead of the police personnel getting booked for ‘riot crimes’ they have indulged in, the State is now busy targeting the ‘alive’ Muslims who have suffered on every possible front - their children have been shot dead, their homes looted and ransacked , their bones broken, their livelihoods ruined , their women attacked and assaulted , their mosques broken into.

And yet the State asks them to shell out money for the destruction of government property…The State threatens to seize their properties! This is nothing but fascism. And this has got to be countered immediately, before the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are further destroyed and deadened by the brutality unleashed by the fascists.

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