Hindu Mahasabha to hold ‘Gaumutra Party’ to ward off coronavirus!

The event, scheduled to be held on Saturday, attracted ridicule on social media, with several users left bemused at the idea

Photo Courtesy: social media
Photo Courtesy: social media

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The deadly coronavirus that has infected more than 137,000 people across the world now has 81 confirmed cases in India. Amidst an uncertain atmosphere, the country has taken several preventive measures to contain the outbreak like screening passengers at airports and shutting down schools. Even as most of the country is responding to the novel COVID-19 with rationality and medical measures, a Hindu organisation, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha seems convinced they can defeat coronavirus with cow piss and poop.

The organisation had earlier said that coronavirus is the angry avatar of a Hindu god who has unleashed its wrath to punish non-vegetarians. Now they have another amazing idea. Their miraculous solution to this public health crisis is to rely as they always do on the magical healing properties of the holy cow.

“Just like we organise tea parties, we have decided to organise a gaumutra party, wherein we will inform people about what is coronavirus and how, by consuming cow-related products, people can be saved from it,” Chakrapani Maharaj, who heads one of the two groups that make up the Mahasabha, was reported as saying in the media. This ‘“gaumutra” party’s launch edition will be happening in Delhi, but the organisers are keen to tour their concept across India.

The party will not only feature cow urine products that people will be encouraged to spray onto themselves or eat to keep away coronavirus, but instead of a chocolate cake, they’re going to be serving up cow dung cakes. “Upon using these, the virus will die immediately,” says Chakrapani, who also mentioned that all cow shelters are also involved in the battle against coronavirus. “Vegetarians need not worry; it will not impact them. But still, as a precautionary measure, they can also start consuming gaumutra.”

This gathering will take place regardless the strict scientifically-backed advisories that say people should avoid crowded rooms with chances of person-to-person contact.

A number of users took to Twitter to express consternation at the idea. Some of these tweets are compiled below:

‘Gaumutra party to save you from Corona virus! Cow dung cakes! Gaumutra par charcha!’

Hi @drharshvardhanji , are u invited ?

What will they serve for the guests? Gobar and Gomootra ???

Meanwhile, to avoid the Corona Virus, Ram Krishna Yadav was hospitalised after taking an overdose of "GauMutra"

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