How has Yogi govt in UP fared? Hero or Zero?

As with all governments and CMs, there are people who cite their successes and the opposition their failures. Here is a quick look at what Yogi supporters and detractors say about his tenure

UP CM Yogi Adityanath (File photo)
UP CM Yogi Adityanath (File photo)

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As with all governments and chief ministers, there are people who cite their successes and the opposition their failures. Here is a quick look at what Yogi supporters and detractors say about his tenure

No Discrimination

The state did not discriminate in the distribution of ration during the pandemic; nor was there any discrimination in choosing beneficiaries for central schemes like PM Awas Yojana, Krishi Samman and Ujjwala scheme etc.

The claim is hard to swallow in view of the large number of cases of violence and atrocity against Muslims and Dalits. The number of such complaints during Yogi Raj has been the highest in the last 20 years.

Hindu Hriday Samrat

The Yogi unabashedly claims to have worked for Hindus and Hinduism and cites not just the Ram Temple and donations to mutts but also the Kumbh, renovations in Prayagraj (Allahabad), Mathura and Varanasi and the Gaushalas he has promoted.

Gaushalas are a racket. While Hindu groups have gobbled up public land and public funds, both farmers and people continue to suffer from the menace of stray cattle on roads and those that destroy crops. Accidents are common. Had gaushalas actually functioned, such complaints would not have surfaced.

Hardworking CM

The chief minister works as hard as the Prime Minister, puts in 16 to 18 hours a day and has a tight grip over the administration. Nothing escapes his eyes.

The reality is that there is over-centralisation of authority as at the Centre; and no decision is taken without the CM’s nod, which invariably delays decision-making reflecting poor governance. This ‘policy paralysis’ becomes evident at every critical time, from Hathras to Lakhimpur Kheri.

Law & Order

The Prime Minister and Home Minister have publicly praised Yogi for maintaining law and order in the state. Criminal activities have declined, mafia bosses have fled the state and free hand to the police to eliminate criminals have paid dividend.

In reality, extortion, kidnapping, rape and robbery have been extensive even during the lockdown. While in absolute terms the numbers showed a decline because of the lockdown, a section of the police went rogue and became extortionists. Peace could not be maintained even during the panchayat election. Women do not feel safe.


Like the Prime Minister, Yogi also claims to have eliminated corruption.

The reality is that although Yogi, who runs a mini empire in Gorakhpur and is one of the wealthiest politicians, has not been accused of personal corruption, this is hardly true of his administration. Action taken against a growing number of government servants reflect that reality. People and the poor continue to suffer from public corruption in government offices.

Pro-poor and pro-farmers

Yogi’s unfulfilled promises are legion. To cite just one example, he had promised that school fees would not be allowed to be enhanced following the pandemic. But there is hardly a private school where fees have not been hiked. Similarly, for four years his government did not raise procurement price of sugarcane before marginally increasing it last month, which was lower than the raise allowed by previous governments and which failed to offset rising prices of power, diesel and fertilizer.

(Inputs: Mini Bandopadhyay & Garima Sadhwani)

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