If this is not Jungle Raj, what is? Mobs run amok in parts of Delhi

Parts of North-East Delhi, 15 kms from Delhi Police HQ, even closer to the Delhi Assembly, witnessed arson, brickbatting, firing and worse, with Delhi Police conspicuous by their absence and inaction

Screenshots from videos depicting incidents of arson and violence in north-east Delhi 
Screenshots from videos depicting incidents of arson and violence in north-east Delhi

NH Web Desk

Reports of violence and arson continue to trickle in from the affected areas even as the death toll rose to ten on Tuesday in the violence over the amended citizenship law that has rocked northeast Delhi. Four people were declared brought dead by doctors at the hospital on Tuesday, GTB Hospital authorities said.

Thirty-five injured people were also brought to the hospital, the authorities added. "Fifty per cent of those injured sustained bullet injuries," a doctor at the hospital said.

Reports of violence and arson continue to trickle in from the affected areas. Rioters used stones, sticks and country-made firearms as pro and anti-CAA protesters clashed.

In Maujpur, the situation worsened around 1.55 p.m. on Tuesday, following stone pelting between opposing groups, miscreants resorted to arson by setting fire to vehicles.

In Kabir Nagar, tension set in after some people fired shots from country-made firearms.

Meanwhile, amid fresh reports of violence, gunshots were heard in Kardampuri, leaving a boy injured.

In Jaffrabad too, panic could be felt in the air as stone pelting began afresh. Despite the best efforts of the police present on the spot, the stone pelting did not subside. Appeals from a place of worship, to disperse, had no effect on the stone-pelters.

Northeast Delhi continued to teeter on the edge, as incidents of violence continued to flare up after an overnight lull. Tuesday morning saw rioters pick from where they had left off on Monday night, with several incidents of violence and stone pelting reported from interiors of localities such as Jaffarabad, Brahmapuri which adjoining Maujpur.

At Jaffarabad metro station, a large number of people carrying tri-colour and sticks in hands gathered to protest against the citizenship amendment law. They tried to break the CCTV cameras installed alongside the roads. The men protesters are trying to disconnect the CCTV cameras while women protesters are on a sit-in just below the Metro station.

NH compiled telling photos and videos of the violence that unfolded in northeast Delhi:

Shiva, Zulfiqar, Tyagi picture speaks a thousand words! That damaged shop in the Middle belong to a Muslim & shops on either side belong to Hindus! They targeted Muslims property in Delhi this is what they always did whether it was 1992/2002 or Muzaffarnagar 2013.

A 14-year-old boy lies unconscious on a handcart after being shot this morning in Gokulpuri area. No ambulance has arrived since 11 am today. Complete failure of state machinery to be there for its people.

Location: Chandbagh This hate crime is a planned tactic to economically weaken the already marginalised Muslims further.

4.45 pm // West Jyoti Nagar A tailor's shop set on fire by rioters. Police chased them away. After the arson, the rioters (wearing masks and helmets) were breaking CCTV cameras is shops and residential premises.

Video from Yamuna Vihar: Men forming a human chain to safely escort school girls to safe place! No police, no force to save them, they are on their own now.

The fire department is not responding until police assures safety:

Assault on Muslims

Very volatile in Yamuna Vihar. We’ve seen mobs of men carrying sticks and stones. There’s been arson.

Smoke billowing following an incident of arson on Monday

This is a riot! Protesters from both sides heckling & thrashing media persons. I was told "Camera band karle warna gaad denge yahin pe". All this while 10 men were holding me tightly from my waist & shoulders. Have never felt so scared! Camera person was pushed badly with lathis

Bajrang Dal along with Police force have surrounded Qureshi Tower at Kadampuri-Vijay Park. They are firing at innocent civilians. Urgent help is required

Dubious role of Delhi Police

Meanwhile, the inaction or passive presence of Delhi Police is being panned across civil society, including a video that surfaced depicting its personnel watching on when BJP leader Kapil Mishra issued an ultimatum:

A video of some police personnel directing rioters to find and collect small stones to throw on Muslims and their houses:

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