In Chowkidar Modi’s ‘golden Assam’, Muslim eatery owner attacked by mob, asked to prove nationality

While Assam Police have belatedly detained five people after social media outrage, there has been no response from the CM Sarbananda Sonowal although gruesome videos were tagged to him

Shaukat Ali (Social Media)
Shaukat Ali (Social Media)

NH Web Desk

Yet another gruesome video of a lynch mob assaulting a Muslim in Assam’s Biswanath Chairali has sent shock waves on social media and triggered widespread revulsion.

The bleeding Muslim owner of an eatery was attacked on Sunday by a mob for allegedly selling cooked beef, which is not banned in Assam and the North-East, where large sections of people regularly eat beef even in BJP ruled states.

The victim was asked questions about his nationality and whether he was a Bangladeshi. He was also being asked if his name was on the National Register of Citizens.

The 68 year old man, identified as Shaukat Ali, was also forced to eat pork which went against his religious injunctions.

According to the Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 1950, “Notwithstanding anything in any other law for the time being in force or in any usage to the contrary, no person shall slaughter any cattle unless he had obtained in respect thereof a certificate in writing signed by the Veterinary Officer for the area in which the cattle is to be slaughtered that the cattle is fit for slaughter."

Two complaints have been filed according to a report. One was filed by Ali’s family members and the other was filed by the market’s manager.

The district police chief told the media that there was no communal tension in the area.

“We picked up five people, including two market committee leaders, in a bid to disperse the mob. They were allowed to go after signing a good behaviour bond under Section 107 of Code of Criminal Procedure,” a district administration official told The Hindu.

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