Investment not coming to Uttar Pradesh as desired; IIM asks Yogi govt to improve law and order

IIM, Lucknow has advised Yogi Govt to ‘improve law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh to bring more investment’ as even after two Investment summits, the state has not received expected investment

Investment not coming to Uttar Pradesh as desired; IIM asks Yogi govt to improve law and order

IPA/Pradeep Kapoor

Shocked by the present scenario, the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow has advised Yogi Government to ' improve law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh to bring more investment'. This observation was made when experts of IIM prepared road map for the development of UP during day-long interactive session attended by CM Yogi Adityanath and his ministers at the campus.

It would be worth mentioning here that the two Investment summits, first by PM Narendra Modi himself and another by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, have not led to desired investment in the state by the leading industrialists of the country. What could be worst commentary on deteriorating law and order situation that a couple tried to set themselves on fire inside the Thana in Mathura during last week. The couple had visited the Thana with their complaints of harassment by local goons but they were not taken seriously by the local police officials.

Frustrated with the inaction of the police the couple then tried to set themselves on fire and were rushed to Delhi for treatment with 60% burn injuries.

In another incident, a civil contractor, Avdesh shot himself inside the office of Chief engineer in Varanasi.

Avdesh left six-page suicide note. In this note, Avdesh mentioned how he was being harassed by PWD engineers who were demanding a huge commission. The manner in which an amount of ₹10 cores was denied to the contractor by the PWD bosses speaks for large scale corruption.

The callous attitude of the government towards the rape victim of Unnao now under treatment in AIIMS Delhi is no secret. No complaints were lodged by the local police against BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. It was only when the rape victim tried to commit suicide, the complaint was lodged.

The family of the BJP MLA was constantly threatening the rape victim and her family members. Recently, the entire family of rape victim was injured in a car accident with a speeding truck. Two members of the family were killed while the rape victim and her lawyer were seriously injured. It was alleged that this BJP MLA was involved in the car accident to eliminate the entire family.

Later, the Supreme Court took the cognizance of the letter written by the rape victim. The orders issued by Supreme Court are virtually an indictment of Yogi government.

Supreme Court directed that the trial be shifted to Delhi and also directed the accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar to be shifted from UP jail to Tihar Jail in Delhi.

Not satisfied with the protection from UP police, the Supreme Court provided security cover to rape victim by the central government. The Supreme Court also directed CBI probe to investigate the car accident in which rape victim and her lawyer were seriously injured while two members of family were killed.

The issue of deterioration in law and order situation was raised during recent session of UP legislature by the opposition. During question hour the cabinet minister Suresh Khanna released the data which showed the deterioration in law and order situation.

According to the government reply, from the period when Yogi Adityanath became CM till May 9, 2019 as many as 799 murders were reported with 803 cases of rape, 799 cases of loot and 2682 cases of kidnapping. The opposition then accused Yogi Government for the failure to control law and order situation.

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