Kangana gets trolled for a false tweet; Diljit Dosanjh slams her over her tweets on farmers’ protest

It all started when Kangana Ranaut tweeted a false information about an elderly Sikh woman, saying that she is protesting to earn a sum of Rs 100

Kangana gets trolled for a false tweet; Diljit Dosanjh slams  her over her tweets on farmers’ protest

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Diljit Dosanjh slammed Kangana Ranaut over her tweet on farmers' protests, leading to a Twitter war between the two. It all started when Kangana Ranaut tweeted a false information about an elderly Sikh woman, saying that she is protesting to earn a sum of Rs 100. Kangana had also claimed that the same woman was the Shaheen Bagh Dadi, Bilkis Bano.

Diljit in response to this shared a video interview of the elderly woman on Twitter. The woman's name is Mahinder Kaur, and she has been a part of the farmers protests. In the video interview by BBC, she can be seen addressing Kangana Ranaut, asking her to come and see for herself how farmers work.

Diljit shared the video interview on Twitter and wrote, "Respected Mahinder Kaur Ji. Ah Sunn La Ni With Proof @KanganaTeam. Banda Ena V Ni Anna Hona Chaida..Kush v Boli Turi jandi aa .. (Listen to this Kangana, with proof. A person should not be this blind. She (Kangana) keeps on saying anything)."

Kangana Ranaut as usual resorted to bitter and arrogant words to get back at Diljit. She wrote, “Ooo Karan Johar ke paltu, jo dadi Saheen Baag mein apni citizenship keliye protest kar rahi thi wohi Bilkis Bano dadi ji Farmers ke MSP ke liye bhi protest karti hue dikhi. Mahinder Kaur ji ko toh main janti bhi nahin. Kya drama chalaya hai tum logon ne? Stop this right now. (Oh Karan Johar’s pet. The dadi who was protesting at Shaheen Bagh for citizenship, that same Bilkis Bano dadi ji was also seen protesting for farmers. I don’t know who is Mahinder Kaur Ji. What is this drama?).”

But this time around Kangana met someone more than her equal. Replying to her 'paltu' comment, Diljit wrote, “Tuneh Jitne Logon Ke Saath Film Ki Tu Un Sab Ki Paaltu Hai...? Fer To List Lambi Ho Jaegi Maalko Ki..? Eh Bollywood Wale Ni PUNJAB Wale aa .. Hikk Te Vajj Sadey. Jhooth bol kar logo ko badhkana aur emotions se khailna woh toh aap achey se janti ho (Are you a pet of whoever you have worked with? The list will be long then. This isn’t Bollywood, this is Punjab. You know how to play with people’s emotions).”

Kangana in response used more offending and derogatory language; “Oh chamche chal, tu jinki chat chat ke kaam leta hai, main unki roz bajati hoon,jayada mat uchal,main Kangana Ranaut hoon tere jaisi chamchi nahin jo jhoot boloon,maine sirf aur sirf Shaheen Baag wali protestor pe comment kiya tha, if anyone can prove otherwise I will apologise. (Oh come on you bootlicker, the ones you butter up to get work, I teach them lessons every day. Don’t get too excited. I am Kangana Ranaut, not a bootlicker like you who will lie, I only commented on Shaheen Bagh protester),” Kangana replied

To this, without mincing words, Diljit honestly snubbed her for using foul language. Diljit wrote that she doesn’t have the manners to talk to someone’s mother or sister. He further wrote that despite being a woman herself, she talks about other women in a derogatory manner. “SADE PUNJAB DIAN MAAVA SADEY LAI RAB NE.. Eh tan Bhoonda De Khakhar nu Shedh Leya Tu.. PUNJABI GOOGLE KAR LI. (Our mothers are equivalent to god for us. You have stirred up a hornet's nest. Google the Punjabi).”

By this time Kangana started defending herself, “I had only commented on Shaheen Baag dadi cos they instigated riots there even that tweet was deleted almost immediately, I don’t know from where they brought another elderly lady in to the picture and now endlessly spreading lies. Vultures trying to instigate mob against a woman (sic).”

At this Diljit Dosanjh snubbed her again and said, "Dheley Di Akal Ni Tainu.. Sadian Maava Nu Tu 100rs Wali Das dian.. Bollywood Di Dhamki Te Draava Kisey Hor nu Daee JAA Ke.. Asi VATT Kadhan Nu Hee Jamey an Tu Boldi Rahi an Bollywood waleya Nu..Tera Muh Pey Geya Har ek Nu Maada Bolan Da.. (You don't have brains, you take jibes at our mothers, go and threaten somebody else on the name of Bollywood, we are born to show egoistic people their actual place. You have the habit of calling out everyone)."

“Jinhonne Delhi mein riots karvaye khoon ki nadiyaan bahae, dangge karvaye unko defend karte hue sharm nahi aati? Tujhe kya sharm aayegi, kjo kaise kaam deta hai sabko pata hai,” Kangana wrote

Diljit retorted, “Gal Kehdi Ho Rahi aa Eh Ja Kidar Nu Rahi aa ..?Dimagh theek aa Tera? Gallan Na Ghumaa.. Sidha Jawab de.. Jo bhonki an Tu sadian maava Lai..Aa Ke Gal Kari Sadian Maavan Naal Jina Nu Tu 100 Rs Di Dasdi c .. Sari HEROINE Giri Kadh Den gian.. (What direction is this conversation heading to? Is your mind okay? Don't steer the conversation in circles, be straightforward about what you barked about our mothers. Come and talk to our mothers, on whom you commented, they will drive out all of that attitude from within you)."

The war of words between the two kept trending on Twitter all day long. However, Kangana must have realised this time that It is not always useful to continue rebuking people in derogatory language or condemn every people’s movement against the ruling dispensation as a ‘conspiracy’--at least on Twitter!

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