Kolkata based innovator’s all-purpose mask claims to make life easier

Dr Ramendra Lal Mukherjee says the device will be useful for doctors, patients, policemen, soldiers and high-altitude tourists. The mask can be used in all seasons. It keeps virus away

Kolkata based innovator’s all-purpose mask claims to make life easier

Abhijit Roy

Dr Ramendra Lal Mukherjee, holder of 30 international patents, has come up with a mask or device that he claims is so comfortable that users would not want to take it off. While Dr Mukherjee has a track record of developing instruments through innovation, the mask developed by him promises to be a game changer for people who spend long hours in the outdoor or for health workers and even the common man.

This writer cannot vouch for the feasibility of mass production, its cost effectiveness and design. It is also entirely possible that the mask will have to go through more tests and further development. But this writer did try it on and could feel the difference!

Dr Mukherjee has developed a comfortable O2 Mask system that sucks in air from the atmosphere, separates the oxygen from it, gets rid of the viruses and bacteria and lets the user breathe in pure oxygen.

“I felt like I was breathing fresh air as if I had stuck my head out of a train window passing through the hills,” says his elder brother, Rabindra Lal Mukherjee, who is the scientist’s go-to man for feedback about his inventions.

Reminded that prolonged intake of ‘pure oxygen’ may not be desirable, the scientist counters by pointing out that the device can be switched on or off at will.

Mukherjee has applied for a patent for the ‘wearable pure oxygen generation gadget’, the size of a pocketbook. He admits it will require alterations before the gadget can be used as part of daily wear to stop the spread of the virus. One can then strap this 500 gm device to the users’ waist. With some design changes this can be fitted into the helmets of bikers also who are constantly exposed to pollution.

No more spectacle fogging

The O2 Mask system not only makes the user feel extremely comfortable wearing it, the usual challenges of spectacle fogging is also no longer a bother. Besides, the user is breathing in germ free pure oxygen. Mukherjee thanks Pradip Sengupta (renowned hydrogeologist) for planting the idea of such a contraption for chronic asthma patients.

“This can be used by everyone from doctors, patients, high-altitude travellers or anyone who needs a steady supply of oxygen,” says Mukherjee.

Runs on batteries for 8 hours and rechargeable

The device is powered by a pair of lithium batteries that is enough to keep it running continuously for eight hours. It can also be charged using a mobile charger.

Patients who need constant supply of pure oxygen can easily carry the device strapped to their bodies. There are two tubes coming out of the device leading to a soft plastic mouthpiece – one for breathing in clean oxygen and other to let out the carbon-di-oxide exhaled. The CO2 is also passed through another UV chamber within the device so that it is virus free when it comes out.

This highly portable and lightweight device can also be used by those operating at high altitude like soldiers, tourists travelling to places above 15000 feet, and others to maintain the oxygen levels in their bodies. Traffic police working in highly polluted city air too would find it useful to keep their lungs free from poisonous substances in the atmosphere.

An audio amplifier makes the voice clear

He has also thoughtfully added an audio element into the mask, to amplify the voices of the users so that people don’t have to listen to a muffled voice coming in from behind the mask.

The low-cost device is affordable by most who cannot rent expensive oxygen cylinders. Mukherjee is looking for sponsors to make O2 Mask System on an industrial scale. He has also invited product designers to develop an ergonomic design for the device.

(NH has not independently verified the claim)

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