Livestock sale dips in Delhi, Muslims donate money to Kerala instead

Many Muslims in Delhi have bought only one animal for the family instead of sacrificing one animal per person in the family. They are sending rest of the money to the Kerala relief fund

NH Photo by Vipin
NH Photo by Vipin

S Khurram Raza

The images of the floods which devastated Kerala have shocked most, and everyone, from government to the common man, wants to contribute to the flood effected people of Kerala. On one hand, the UAE government has donated ₹700 crore to the Kerala government for flood relief and on the other, a journalist friend, Aysewaria, who resides in Australia, but is from Kerala, has shared the contact details of a friend, whose NGO is actively involved in the relief activities in Kerala.

It’s not often people think this way, but there’s a feeling among Muslims that they would prefer to give up a part of their Eid sacrifices and donate the money to help the flood relief activities in Kerala.

The people who come to Delhi from adjoining states to sell their livestock for Eid are a worried lot this year as they have not sold on expected line. One of the traders, Mohammad Hashim, said, “There are two reasons; firstly, the economic situation of most people is not good, secondly, people have been talking about contributing to the flood relief, and hence are buying fewer animals.”

Abu Sufiyan, who is actively involved such activities, has already made a social media page ‘Eid for Kerala Relief Fund’. Their NGO, Delhi Youth Welfare Association, has appealed to Muslims to donate the animal hide. Abu Sufiyan said, “A number of people in Delhi are set to contribute to the Kerala flood relief fund. Apart from cash, people can also donate the skin of the sacrificed animal to our centres. Money from the sale of these hides will also be donated towards the flood relief in Kerala.”

“Instead of giving up the sacrifice one can avoid buying new clothes or shoes and that money can be donated for flood affected people of Kerala” says media in-charge of Students Islamic Organisation, students wing of Jamat e Islami Hind.

When asked about the animal sacrifice on Eid al Adha, Mufti Mohammad Mushtaq Tijarvi of Jamia Millia Islamia, said, “The situation in Kerala is grim and they need our help, but that doesn’t mean one should eschew one responsibility for another. You have to fulfill both the responsibilities. So, instead of buying costly livestock, buy a cheaper one and the money you save, can be donated to the Kerala Relief Fund. Instead of buying a goat, many families could sacrifice a bigger animal.”

“Instead of giving up the sacrifice, one can avoid buying new clothes or shoes and that money can be donated toward the flood affected people of Kerala,” said Tijarvi, who is the media in-charge of the students wing of Jamat-e-Islami Hind.

Many Muslims in the city have bought only one animal for the entire family instead of sacrificing one animal for each person in the family and they are sending rest of the money to the Kerala relief fund.

The sale of the animals for this Eid al Adha has dipped but the spirit of donation is running high among Muslims.

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