Lok Sabha polls: On voting day in Begusarai, people vouch for Kanhaiya Kumar, say he will win

CPI candidate from the Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency, Kanhaiya Kumar on voting day said that the people of Begusarai will defeat those who tried to divide the society

Kanhaiya Kumar campaign in Begusarai (PTI)
Kanhaiya Kumar campaign in Begusarai (PTI)

NH Political Bureau

CPI candidate for the Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency, Kanhaiya Kumar on voting day said that the people of Begusarai will defeat those who tried to divide the society.

Former JNUSU president and one of the most watched candidates in the Lok Sabha election, exuded confidence as voting took place in the fourth phase on Monday saying:

“There is no divide in Begusarai. It is united. The voters will defeat a party that believes in divide and rule, just like they threw out the divide-and-rule policy of the British .”

A journalist who covered the election campaign in Begusarai, says, “His (Kanhaiya’s) confidence stems from the unprecedented support he has received from people”.

“It was very evident that he strikes a chord with people from every walk of life. Among youth from all castes and subcastes, Kanhaiya is immensely popular. Most of them, irrespective of their past affiliations, will vote for him today,” said the journalist.

Pitted against BJP’s heavyweight Giriraj Singh, a Union Minister known for his controversial statements and RJD candidate Tanveer Hassan, Kanhaiya though new in politics, is seen as someone who has a clear-cut edge over his rivals due to several factors.

A resident of Begusarai told NH over the phone that a large section of Bhumihar, especially young and educated have decide to cast their votes in favor of Kanhaiya as they see their alter ego in him.

“Most of the people from Muslims, Dalits and other backwards castes will most likely vote for Kanhaiya,” said another journalist, because “there is a feeling that he has been victim of the Modi government and the lies peddled by the RSS.”

“Old people want to rejuvenate the party which fought for their rights in 70s and 80s,” he added.

Appeals from Left liberals, intellectuals and people with high credentials created an atmosphere in favour of Kanhaiya, said another resident of Begusarai.

“Begusarai has never seen such a fierce fight in elections,” he added.

According to observers, Kanhaiya’s style of campaigning caught the imagination of the people, not just for his oratorical skills but also for supporters like Swara Bhaskar, Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar endorsing him in rallies.

His Azadi song became anthem of the young, said a Left activist. In his last speech, Kanhaiya can be seen using Azadi slogan in this video.

Although, Giriraj Singh, has tried to create a “nationalist versus traitor” narrative during the campaign but people apparently have rejected the idea, said an observer.

RJD’s Tanveer Hassan is seeking votes in the name of mahagathbandhan but he also does not seem to have struck such a cord with people as Kanhaiya has.

In the 2014 election, the CPI was placed third in Begusarai, after the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and RJD but people believe this time Kanhaiya will secure at least a seat in the parliament for the party.

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