MEA slams Malaysia and Turkey over their support to Pakistan on Kashmir issue

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar in a press conference on Friday slammed Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan for the stand of their leaders on Kashmir in the UNGA address

MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar (File Photo)
MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar (File Photo)

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The Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar in a press conference on Friday slammed Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan on the stand on Kashmir by their leaders in their UNGA addresses.

Malaysia and Turkey agreed to Pakistan’s claim over the Kashmir issue at the UNGA. Both Turkey and Malaysia questioned India’s decision of a communication blackout and the unilateral decision taken by the Indian government to revoke Article 370 from the Indian constitution which gave Kashmir a special status.

India claims that the Kashmir issue is an internal matter to India, whereas Pakistan is trying to make this a global issue. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan used the UNGA stage to internationalise the Kashmir issue.

“Dialogue on the basis of justice, equity, and not through collision”, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the UNGA.

“We call upon the Turkey government to get a proper understanding of the situation on the ground before they make any further statements on this issue. It is a matter which is completely internal to India,” MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.

Malaysian Prime Minister had accused India of invading and occupying another country (Kashmir) at UNGA.

In reply to that, MEA explained the history of Kashmir to Malaysia. Jammu and Kashmir had signed Instrument of Accession like all other princely states, Pakistan invaded and illegally occupied parts of J&K. Government of Malaysia should bear in mind the friendly relations between the two countries and desist from making such remarks, said Raveesh Kumar.

In response to Pakistan Prime Minister’s address to UNGA, MEA said that Pak PM gave an open call for Jihad against India which is not normal.

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