Modi govt set to pass ordinance on triple talaq, Muslims call it poll gimmick 

According to sources, Modi government is preparing to bring an ordinance on Triple Talaq. But the Muslim organisations have termed it an anti-democratic step of a dictatorial government

Photo by Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times
Photo by Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times

Tanweer Ahmad

The Modi government, which has been crying hoarse about freeing Muslim women from atrocities, failed to get the Triple Talaq Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha. So now they preparing to pass an ordinance on Triple Talaq. Although the union cabinet could not decide on the date and time for this ordinance because this matter could not be taken up in the Union Cabinet meeting on May 2. The supporters of the ruling government are considering the upcoming ordinance as a masterstroke of the government, while the minority community is shocked and disappointed with this entire process.

In fact, the Modi government has made the issue of Triple Talaq a question of prestige and it wants to implement it anyhow. The government is unhappy with the opposition parties because they prevented it from getting it approved in the Rajya Sabha. The Opposition parties have been saying that this Bill requires to be amended because it has certain drawbacks due to which problems will only aggravate. But the government pushed for its implementation without any amendments, which had caused quite an uproar in the Upper House.

If sources are to be believed then the Triple Talaq Ordinance will also have the same provisions which the Bill had. That means, if the ordinance is issued then Triple Talaq would be considered a non-bailable crime and the offender could be sentenced upto three years of imprisonment. The woman thus divorced will have the right to claim for custody of children and maintenance in the court. By bringing all this in the ordinance the Modi government wants to win this issue which can only be called a dictatorial attitude of the government.

Kamal Faruqui, member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, says it is not democratic to bring an ordinance on Triple Talaq. Kamal Faruqui told National Herald that the government should consider the sentiments of the minority community on this issue and should not ignore the protests by lakhs of women across the country. “It is tantamount to insulting democracy and democratic institutions to bring an ordinance on Triple Talaq. The government says that the Bill was brought following the instructions of the Supreme Court, but it is not correct,” he added.

On the government’s preparation to bring an ordinance on Triple Talaq with the upcoming general elections, Kamal Faruqui said, “Only because the Lok Sabha elections are around the corner, they want to show that they are genuinely concerned about the Muslims.” The BJP does not need Muslim votes, they just want to please ‘their own people’ by destroying the Muslims. This decision by the government will ruin the married lives of people, he further added.

The president of Muslim Majlis- E-Mashawarat, Navaid Hamid believes that bringing an ordinance on this issue is just a publicity stunt by the government. He said, “ Modi’s tenure uptill now proves that he only believes in theatrics. If anyone thinks that Modi government is working for the welfare of women, they are utterly mistaken.” The issue of Triple Talaq should be sorted out but Modi government’s attitude raises doubts over its intentions, he added.

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