Modi govt targeting opposition, blind to the sins of its ‘own’

In independent India’s history, investigative agencies were never unleashed on political rivals like this; but they seldom probe ruling party members


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Justice was once again delayed when former finance minister P. Chidambaram got bail after 106 days in INX Media case, after having been repeatedly denied bail on flimsy grounds.

This undue delay once again exposed the misuse of central agencies by this government. Several opposition leaders are being probed for different economic offences points out the misuse of central agencies for political gains.

NCP Chief Sharad Pawar got a notice from Enforcement Directorate (ED) weeks ahead of the Maharashtra Assembly elections. The ED registered a case against him, his nephew Ajit Pawar and several other party leaders.

Pawar hit back with a sarcastic comment.

Over the last few months, the investigative agencies have been digging up old cases and initiating action against opposition leaders. These cases show how the government is targeting the leaders just to tarnish their image.

Former PM Manmohan Singh hit out at the Centre and the CBI for detaining P. Chidambaram without providing credible grounds. The sequence of events shows how an investigation against the former finance minister in the INX Media case has been politically motivated.

The question arises, why only Chidambaram is being investigated in the INX Media case. Why none of the ministry officials who unanimously recommended the proposal are under investigation?

Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Hannan Mollah alleged that the Centre is using both “money and threat” to heckle opposition ranks. “The government is working to exact revenge. This is an uncivilised way for a government to function in a parliamentary system,” he said.

"Without opposition, there can’t be a parliamentary system. The government is uprooting the values of the system and is establishing a fascist regime,” he added.

The woman who accused BJP leader Chinmayanand of rape was arrested, while the accused was hailed by the government.

Why are the agencies not going after those BJP politicians who are involved in several communal crimes, crimes against women and Dalits?

NCP leader D.P. Tripathi said that the indiscriminate action against opposition leaders shows the “real nature” of the government.

"The government can go to any extent to target opposition leaders, not only to tarnish their image but to finish them politically,” CPI leader D. Raja said.

In Indian history, agencies have never been such vindictive and (mis)used for political gains.

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