Move aside cows, here comes donkey’s milk! At ₹ 7000 per litre, it can cure cancer, obesity, claims research

Are you suffering from cancer, obesity, then donkey milk is your cure. You heard it right! Soon we will have donkeys dairy and the costliest milk ever if NRCE is to be believed

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

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Are you suffering from Cancer, Obesity, then donkey milk is your cure. Yes, you heard it right. The Research on donkey’s milk was initiated by ex-Director of National Research Centre on Equines (NRCE) Dr BN Tripathi. Present Director of NRCE, Dr. Yashpal has stated that donkey’s milk contains negligible fats.

According to a research, donkey’s milk has many medicinal properties and has been used in many medicines. It is also used for treating cancer, obesity, some allergic diseases. The milk is good for immune system.

Donkey’s milk costs from 2000 to 7000 Rs. per kg.

The milk gives some beauty benefits as well, said senior scientist of NRCE, Dr. Anuradha. According to Anuradha, Donkey’s milk is best for children, as some children can be allergic to cow and buffalo’s milk, but donkey’s milk can never be allergic. Donkey’s milk contains antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, she said.

The milk is also used to prepare soaps, lip-balms and body-lotions.

The first ever donkey’s milk dairy will be opened in Northern state of Haryana.

National Horse Research Centre is going to open this dairy in Hisar district of Haryana. In order to initiate the dairy, 10 donkeys of “Halari breed” have been ordered from Gujarat. Breeding of these 10 donkeys is being done to increase the number. In order to run the dairy, assistance will be sought from scientists of Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB) National Research Centre on Equines (NRCE).

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