Mumbai Aman Committee tells police chief loudspeakers decibel level already in place, clerics informed too

The decibel levels for loudspeakers are already in place, Mumbai Aman Committee has assured Mumbai police chief, Sanjay Pandey. Ulemas have also been asked to follow guidelines on loudspeakers

MNS chief Raj Thackeray (social media)
MNS chief Raj Thackeray (social media)

Santoshee Gulabkali Mishra

The Mumbai Aman Committee, an NGO authority, had a meeting with Sanjay Pandey the Mumbai Police Chief, and has assured that they will follow guidelines on loudspeakers laid down by the Supreme Court in the country. They have been already following the guidelines on loudspeakers for giving 'azaan' from the mosques.

Farid Shaikh, President of Mumbai Aman Committee along with other dignitaries like Mehmood Dariyabadi met Sanjay Pandey and told him that the Ulemas (a body of Muslim scholars having knowledge of Islamic law) in the city mosques have been asked strictly to follow the decibel of loudspeakers while giving 'azaan' (Islamic call to prayers) .

Farid Shaikh said , "We have already been following the guidelines given by the Supreme Court . We have told the Mumbai Police that Muslim community will continue following Law of the Land. Before Thackeray's speech the decibel level on loudspeakers in mosques was followed . However we have asked Islamic Clerks to follow the decibel of loudspeakers while giving 'azaan' , in case if not followed. In the non -Muslim areas , loudspeakers have been called off for the morning namaz (prayers) . In the areas of mixed population while giving 'azaan' the decibels on loudspeakers are minimized .

Shaikh added that the Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey has formed a group of Muslim people so as we remain to connect if any situation arises the City Police Chief can be updated about it. The group members are apolitical and minus ulemas.

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