Narendra Modi’s posers on terrorism return to embarrass the Prime Minister

The questions which Narendra Modi, then in the opposition, belligerently put to the then PM Dr Manmohan Singh have returned to haunt PM Modi as people begin to pose the same questions to him

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Old pre-poll campaign videos of Narendra Modi’s public speeches have come back to haunt Prime Minister Modi in the wake of the terror attack at Pulwama (Kashmir) on Thursday. As many as 44 CRPF jawans were killed when a RDX-laden SUV rammed into a convoy carrying the troops to their posts in the Valley.

In one of the viral videos being shared on social media, Narendra Modi can be heard posing five questions to the Manmohan Singh Government on terrorism.

• How do terrorists get such easy access to arms and ammunition, Modi asked. From where do they source the weapons and explosives and why is the Government so helpless, Modi asked, in strictly dealing with it?

• If the arms and ammunition are ferried from across the border, why is New Delhi so impotent in stopping it? Isn’t the Government in control of the army, the BSF and other agencies? Isn’t it in control of the international border? Then what explains its failure to stop infiltration and supply of arms and ammunition from across the border?

• Isn’t it true that the terrorists use normal banking channels in their transaction? And yet the central government is unable to detect these transactions and apprehend the terrorists. Why? People need an answer. Is the Prime Minister so incompetent that he cannot even ensure this much?

• I put a fourth question to the Government. Isn’t the Government in control of all communication? Isn’t it true that it can intercept any call or email? Why then has it repeatedly failed to intercept the communication by terrorists?

• I would also like to pose a fifth question to the PM, Modi said, and ask what has he done to bring back the terrorists who are sitting in foreign countries and master minding terror attacks here?

The viral video can be watched here:

The questions have returned to bite Prime Minister Modi who is being asked to reply to the same questions that he had earlier posed to the UPA Government. Some of these questions raised in the wake of Thursday’s suicide attack are:

1. A Reuters report quotes Lt Gen (Rtd) DS Hooda, who headed the Northern Command during the much publicized surgical strike in 2016, as saying that it was not possible to supply 150-200 Kgs of military grade explosive (RDX) used in the attack from across the border. So, how did the ‘strong’ Modi government fail to stop it and from where did the 21-year old source the explosives?

2. While Prime Minister Modi and union ministers, besides other BJP leaders, have spared no opportunity to make political capital out of the tragedy, wasn’t the PM’s conspicuous absence from the all party meeting inappropriate?

3. Why did the Home Ministry refuse permission to the CRPF to use helicopters to airlift the CRPF jawans from Jammu to Srinagar?

Meanwhile on Twitter, users have been questioning the BJP’s doublespeak.

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