No family member allowed to meet Lalu Yadav during last two months

CBI had claimed that Lalu Yadav was engaging in political activities while in custody. But Tejashwi Yadav complained that no family member has been allowed to meet the former CM during last 2 months

Photo courtesy: Twitter
Photo courtesy: Twitter

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Two weeks after the Supreme Court turned down the bail application of former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, younger son Tejashwi Yadav took to Twitter to bitterly complain that no family member has been allowed to meet the former chief minister in judicial custody for the last two months.

In a video message on Thursday Tejashwi Yadav claimed that he himself had travelled to Ranchi to call on Lalu Yadav but despite waiting for the entire day, he failed to meet the Jail Superintendent. His attempts to speak to him for permission also failed as the Superintendent did not respond to phone calls.

After having failed to secure official permission to call on the former chief minister, he had then moved to the hospital where the ailing former chief minister is undergoing treatment. But there too he was stopped outside and not allowed to get in.

The video message recorded by Tejashwi Yadav, who is spearheading Rashtriya Janata Dal’s election campaign in the absence of his father, can be heard here:

Significantly, the Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) had opposed Lalu Yadav’s bail plea on the ground that the incarcerated leader was indulging in political activity even in custody. The CBI had argued that this would be evident by an examination of the visitors’ list.

Rules, however, provide for a family member to meet the person in prison once a week. If Tejashwi Yadav’s claim is correct, then it would mean that the authorities have exceeded their brief while denying the privilege to family members of the RJD leader.

Tejashwi Yadav in the video hints that the reason might have something to do with the ongoing elections. While he does not admit to being deprived of the advice and counselling by Lalu Yadav, he acknowledges that the detention of his father had weakened the party.

Political circles in Bihar have blamed the RJD for its wrong choice of candidates in several constituencies. Some observers believe that RJD in this election has been under severe handicap in the absence of the astute and the undisputed RJD leader.

CBI had informed the Supreme Court on April 9 that if released on bail, the RJD leader was likely to misuse the bail and get involved in political activities.

The video message, which had been retweeted 1,200 times and received over five thousand likes by 5 pm on Thursday, is seen as an attempt by the RJD to rally supporters for the crucial election and garner sympathy.

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