Not only Dr Kafeel, Yogi govt even targetted his family members

While Dr Kafeel Khan was allegedly tortured in jail, Yogi government created conditions which badly affected the business of his elder brother Adeel Ahmad. The family is financially worse off now

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@sanjivbhatt
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@sanjivbhatt

Tanweer Ahmad

Dr Kafeel Khan still wants to serve the people. After doing a jail time of eight months for what appear to be trumped up charges, the former doctor at the infamous BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur is all set to file an application against his suspension.

The teary reunion between Dr Kafeel and his mother on April 28, after he got released from jail, has moved those present at the time and who watched the footage later to the core. Here was a son who was wailing bitterly at the sight of his mother, for a crime he had apparently not committed.

The news of Dr Kafeel’s helplessness and hardships was reaching people through the media. The eight-month phase was not less a punishment for his family members too. But it seemed to have dawned upon the public the hardships the family was going through only after the images of an anguished Dr Kafeel surfaced in the media.

Dr Kafeel’s elder brother, Adeel Ahmad, told National Herald, “On one hand, the police was torturing my innocent brother and on the other, Yogi government created such conditions which badly affected my business. Due to this, the financial condition of my family has worsened.”

Reflecting on the past eight months when Dr Kafeel was in jail, Adeel Ahmad said, “Every moment these past eight months was full of pain and difficulty for every member of the family.”

Understandably so. Ahmad noted that no Muslim leader or social activist, much less any politician, had come forward to help the family out during the period. “Even our relatives snapped ties with us. It felt as though we had become untouchables all of a sudden,” said Ahmad.

Narrating Dr Kafeel’s ordeal in jail, Ahmad said, “My brother was treated like an animal. He was not given medical treatment when he fell sick. He even suffered a minor heart attack, but even then, the police and jail administration did not budge. He was taken to the hospital only when the court intervened.”

Ahmad recounted that all the people the family had approached for help during the testing times told them off. “We knew his health was deteriorating. But all our requests for help were in vain.”

Ahmad reiterated that all the charges against Dr Kafeel were false, alleging, “All these charges are just Yogi government’s way to harass him and our family.”

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