Now, RSS prescribes process to ensure women give birth to ‘sanskari’ children

RSS has started a campaign telling young couples that if they want sanskari children, they should follow ‘Garbh Sanskar’<i>. </i>They claim it is a ‘science’ that has existed in the country since Vedic times

RSS campaign
RSS campaign

Biswajeet Banerjee

The RSS is at it again. It has started a campaign telling young couples that if they want sanskari (morally well-mannered) and intelligent children, they should start the process of garbh sanskar before a woman conceives and continue the ‘course’ during the pregnancy.

The videos of garbh sanskar are in circulation at RSS shakhas in Uttar Pradesh where the pracharaks and sanchalaks (the office-bearers) show videos of two girls – Rashi (8) and Kriya (4) – reciting Sanskrit shlokas and mantras. The mother of the girls is seen explaining that her daughters are intelligent because she and her husband followed garbh sanskar.

“You can see how uncultured today’s generation is. Recently, some videos were in circulation on WhatsApp which depicted how ignorant our youth are about India, its history and its culture. This is because they have not got the right sanskars. Now, the RSS has decided to rectify the situation,” Mahesh Sharma, an RSS leader said.

He claimed this was a ‘science’ that has existed in the country since Vedic times. “There are many instances in Hindu scriptures when mothers were blessed with babies of their choice following the wisdom received from sages,” the RSS leader said.

RSS volunteers Vinod Bharati and Dr Neeraj Singhal, an Ayurvedcharya, have set up ‘Vedant Garbh Vigyan Evam Sanskar Kendra’ in Meerut in Western Uttar Pradesh – said to be the first of its kind of institute in the state whose promo line is: ‘Baby by choice, not by chance’.

Both the RSS leaders have taken ‘training’ in one of the Gujarat based ‘Garbh Vigyan Anusandhan Kendras’. These ‘kendras’ advocate a programme based on Ayurveda that guarantees couples the ‘perfect progeny’. The people who run these centers even claim that this ‘course’ can ‘upgrade’ and repair hereditary dysfunctional genes.

Dr Neeraj Singhal said that the couple need to follow garbh sanskar before a woman conceived and during the course of her pregnancy. The garbh sanskar are set of rituals which revolve around a regulated diet and practice of Yoga. “The high point of this ritual is Sanskar Vidhi — a three-stage havan that is conducted over nine months. The process begins three months before conception. During pregnancy, the mother is provided a diet plan that is nutritious and satvik,” he said.

“In the next phase, the pregnant women are trained to do various breathing techniques as per their choice of progeny. They regularly recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ and ‘Durga Chalisa’ and listen to stories of valour of heroes like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap,” Dr Singhal said.

He claims that over a dozen couples have benefitted from this ‘procedure’.

Dr S.K. Pandey, Auryvedhacharya in RML Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow, contended that it is recorded in history that satvik food and regular pranayam can transform one’s line of thinking. “It makes the body pure and helps to conceive a good soul,” he claimed.

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