Pak PM endorses Narendra Modi, Indians ask if Modi is part of ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang

Is Narendra Modi now part of the ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’? Now that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has endorsed Narendra Modi in the Indian election, BJP and Modi are being mocked on Twitter

Pak PM endorses Narendra Modi, Indians ask if Modi is part of ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang

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‘Phir Ek Baar Dilli Me Pakistan Ki Sarkar’ ( Once again in Delhi a pro-Pakistan Government) tweeted someone on Wednesday in mock horror after news agency Reuters reported from Islamabad that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted Narendra Modi and BJP to win the election in India.

Both Prime Minister Modi and BJP president Amit Shah have been accusing the opposition, in particular the Congress, of being pro-Pakistan and Pakistan based terrorists. Both have declared that laddoos would be distributed in Pakistan to celebrate if Congress won the election.

“Now that Imran Khan is suggesting that there would be celebrations in Pakistan if BJP wins,” should the BJP and the Prime Minister be called part of the Tukde Tukde gang and anti national, was the question being asked on Twitter.

“If there were any doubts, it’s been laid to rest. Pakistan PM wants Modi as PM. By “RW” “logic”, does this cast aspersions on PM Modi? Part of “tukde tukde gang” or “breaking India forces”? tweeted economist Rupa Subramanya.

“Just imagine what all the “Chowkidar” handles would be doing to Rahul Gandhi & the Congress right now if Imran Khan had endorsed RG as PM in these elections? Who is the “tukde tukde” gang now?” tweeted Omar Abdullah

On similar lines, journalist Swati Chaturvedi tweeted, “ If Imran Khan had offered a ringing endorsement of Rahul Gandhi blogs would have been written by Jaitley, Modi would have torn in to the opposition & Shah would have talked about fireworks in Pak. Now silence”

The CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya reacted by tweeting, “ So Imran Khan would like to see Narendra Modi continue in power. Can the BJP now stop talking about Pakistan and start talking about India, about the issues that matter most in the lives of common Indians?

Strategic Affairs specialist Ajai Shukla tweeted, “PM Narendra Modi says laddoos will be distributed in Pakistan if Congress wins. Now Pak PM Imran Khan seems to be saying the laddoos would be distributed if the BJP wins. Did the Jaish strike in Pulwama to facilitate a Modi win? Can someone make sense of this for me?”

Journalist commentator Rohini Singh tweeted, “ Tough day for IT cell and media panna pramukhs today on the pet themes of Pakistan & national security. First Imran Khan’s endorsement of Modi and now the SC decision on Rafale. The government should quickly organise another IT raid on some opposition leader to divert attention!

The Pakistani Prime Minister told Reuters that there were better chances of peace with India if Modi won in the election.

“Perhaps if the BJP - a right-wing party - wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached,” Khan told a small group of foreign journalists in an interview, reported Reuters.

Khan added that Indian Muslims he knew who many years ago had been happy about their situation in India were now very worried by extreme Hindu nationalism. Modi was electioneering on “fear and nationalist feeling”.

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