PM invites ridicule by displaying ignorance of radars

In a TV interview on Saturday evening PM Narendra Modi invited ridicule by claiming that he had ordered the IAF to ignore weather conditions for its Balakot strike inside Pakistan

Photo courtesy: Twitter/The Telegraph front page
Photo courtesy: Twitter/The Telegraph front page

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi surpassed himself in an interview to News Nation TV channel on Saturday evening. He claimed that the Indian Air Force was hesitant to carry out the air strike on Balakot in Pakistan because of adverse weather conditions. The experts were in favour of deferring the strike at an alleged terrorist camp by way of retaliation to the suicide attack at Pulwama ten days ago.

But the Prime Minister claimed that he overruled the Air Force. The rain and the cloudy sky, he declared, would be advantageous as the IAF planes would then escape detection by Pakistani radars.

The Prime Minister backed this preposterous claim with a pat on his own back. The pundits, he said, who never failed to attack him, had not thought of the advantage the cloud cover would give.

PM Modi, on past occasions, has made equally preposterous statements like the time he insisted he had seen a tea vendor drawing ‘gas’ from the adjoining drain to run the stove. But on Saturday he took the cake by displaying his ignorance of how Radars work and how radio waves can penetrate cloud cover.

The comment and the video clip, tweeted and then deleted quickly by the BJP last night, invited ridicule and made the PM into a laughing stock. There was also outrage at the Prime Minister displaying such ignorance in matters of defence and national security.

Here is a selection of some of the comments posted on Twitter. The links are given at the bottom.

  • ‘How’s the PM? High sir’
  • Air Chief Marshal Modi claims his IAF planners were putting off the Balakot air strikes becoz of bad weather, but his operational genius perceived that cloud cover would help the aircraft exfiltrate. India should hang its head in shame for electing this charlatan.
  • National security is not something to be trifled with. Such an irresponsible statement from Modi is highly damaging. Somebody like this can’t remain India’s PM.
  • The PMO directly runs the Science & Technology Ministry. This chap runs the PMO
  • So this was how it went. It was a dark and stormy night and the Air Force were wondering whether they should take off for the planned attack. I advised them that the dark clouds would provide cover especially if the painted their aircraft grey. Moreover, because of the cloud cover, the missile could stealthily approach the target. That was why it is now called the stealth missile
  • Modi ji some humble advice from a citizen. Science is real. Please consult someone qualified before you speak, so you don't embarrass India in the eyes of the world. At least until results are announced, you're our PM. Have some concern for how India is regarded.
  • Disconcerted to know that Modi does not seem to know how radar works. Yet still considers himself an expert on all defence strategy

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