Polls on CAA, Modi’s 2.0 ‘Deleted’, as the results indicate truth  

Amid protest against CAA and NRC, netizens witnessed a strange phenomenon; the online polls on the controversial Act and Modi govt were ‘deleted’

Photo Courtesy: Twitter 
Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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Amid the ongoing protest against CAA and proposed NRC, some organisations and individuals took to Twitter to conduct polls seeking how the netizens perceived the much-heated topic of the decade and whether they were in favour of the agitation against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act or not. The news website The Quint pointed out various polls which were ‘deleted’ after the results were apparently not in favour of the CAA and the ruling dispensation.

A poll purportedly released by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Foundation on December 30, asked users whether they think the protests against CAA and NRC are justified, followed by a link to a video explaining Sadhguru’s take on both.

But the poll was not available on their handle later in the day. However, users on the social media website attached screenshots of the poll to point out how majority of the respondents had voted in the affirmative to the question rather than in the negative before it was apparently taken down.

A popular Hindi daily Dainik Jagran, which is still accessible on Twitter asked users whether protests against CAA are the result of vote bank politics. The results of the polls as of late on Monday showed 54.1 per cent of the respondents disagreeing, while 44.1 per cent agreed.

Another Post by Zee News' Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary on December 24, asked people whether they supported CAA or not. Till late Monday, 52.3 per cent of its respondents had voted in the negative, while 47.7 per cent voted in the positive.

His similar post on Facebook has 64 per cent of people voting against the contentious law and 36 per cent voting for it.

However, Chaudhary later went on to claim that his Twitter poll had been "rigged", as he blamed "trolls" voting against CAA to "fix the narrative and hijack true public opinion".

Meanwhile, a poll was conducted by the business TV news channel CNBC Awaaz on Monday on the functioning of the recently elected Modi government and how did the netizens like it. This was also apparently deleted.

Before the poll was deleted, screenshots of the post were shared which showed as many as 62 per cent of the respondents had voted that they weren't happy with 'Modi 2.0’s’ work.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter 
Photo Courtesy: Twitter 

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