PM Modi rattled by Rahul’s ambitions, campaigns for 2019 in Karnataka

After Rahul Gandhi’s comments on Tuesday saying he could become PM in 2019, PM Modi at a Karnataka rally on May 9 became fixated on the 2019 general elections, rather than the state assembly election

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that he was ready to become the Prime Minister if his party emerges as the single-largest party in 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have bitten the bait, and focused on the comments regarding the 2019 general elections while addressing a public meeting at Bangarapet in Karnataka.

Asked on Tuesday if he has prime ministerial ambitions if Congress emerges as the single-largest party in 2019, Rahul had quipped, "Yes, why not?” during an interactive session with prominent Bengaluru citizens.

A rattled Prime Minister Modi seemed to forget that the campaign underway is for the Karnatala assembly elections, and became fixated on Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Modi began talking about “big meetings being held” to “remove Modi”.

"Yesterday someone made an important declaration- he said, "I am going to be PM!" He came like those bullies, barging his way ahead when there are others who have many years of experience. How can someone just declare himself as the PM? This is simply nothing but arrogance. To remove Modi, there are big meetings being held. How will the big leaders who attend these meetings react to this sudden announcement by one 'Naamdaar' that he is going to be PM?”

Today is the last day of public rallying for the 2018 assembly election. Karnataka votes on Saturday, May 12.

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