Priyanka Gandhi slams 'tourist PM', asks what he has done for common man

“I know life has been tough for you due to inflation. Ask the govt why there is so much inflation...This govt wants to sell everything built over 70 years by Congress to its industrialist friends”

Congress' 'Mehangai Hatao' rally in Jaipur, Dec 12, 2021
Congress' 'Mehangai Hatao' rally in Jaipur, Dec 12, 2021

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Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "our tourist prime minister" and demanded to know what he has done for the common man.

Speaking at the Congress rally in Jaipur on Sunday Priyanka Gandhi said, “Our tourist prime minister roamed the whole world but didn't go 10 kilometres away [to Delhi borders] to meet our [protesting] farmers. This is the type of government we have."

She said that the Modi government is working for select industrialist friends instead of working for the good of the people and farmers of the country and that it wants to sell to its industrialist friends whatever the successive Congress party governments had built in 70 years.

“It is your responsibility to make the government accountable, it is your responsibility to ask why there is so much inflation,” she said while addressing the huge rally against inflation.

"There are two types of government. The goal of the first type of government is service, dedication and truthfulness to the public and there is a government whose target is lies, greed and loot...The target of the present central government is lies, greed and loot,” she added.

At the Mehengai Hatao rally, Priyanka Gandhi addressed the audience, "I know life has been tough for you due to inflation. You all have come to this rally because your daily life has become difficult.

"Ask why there is so much inflation in the country. This is your responsibility. The government has a huge responsibility towards you - your development and taking you forward. Then it is your responsibility to ask for a strong future from the government," she added.

“The Modi government at the Centre repeatedly asks as to what Congress has done in 70 years. I say leave the talk of 70 years. Tell us what you have done in seven years?” Priyanka Gandhi said.

Slamming the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government, Priyanka Gandhi pointed out that the Yogi government is spending crores of rupees on advertisements but has failed in getting farmers fertiliser.

Framers in UP have been complaining of shortage and black marketing of fertilisers.

The Congress leaders also paid tribute to deceased Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat by observing silence. Gen Rawat, along with his wife and 11 others, lost his life in a helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu on December 8.

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