Rahul: Congress wins in developing Karnataka, BJP wins in corruption

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday released two graphics ‘Who Works Better’ to compare the records of the past Congress and BJP governments in Karnataka

Rahul: Congress  wins in developing Karnataka, BJP wins in corruption


Attacking BJP's previous government in Karnataka, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said when it came to corruption, BJP had "won hands down".

"In Karnataka, when it comes to corruption, it's a 'no contest' as this graphic shows. The BJP wins hands down," Gandhi tweeted, citing attaching a graphic titled 'Who works better?'.

He noted that Congress rule between 2013-18, the state was the top job creator in the country and the party brought Anna Bhagya scheme which fed 4 crore people, built Ramthal Marol, Asia's largest drip irrigation project and also the world's largest solar power park.

However, according to the graphic shared by Gandhi, during BJP's rule between 2008-13, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was jailed in denotification scam.

"During BJP's rule, India's largest political poaching scandal 'Operation Kamala' took place. Pioneered cashless corruption by taking bribes in cheque. Krishnaiah Setty jailed in land grab case," read the graphic.

Rahul Gandhi: Congress wins hands down when it comes to development

In yet another tweet, Rahul Gandhi said: "In Karnataka, Congress Vs BJP is a 'no contest' as the graphic shows."

The graphic showed that during Congress' rule, 53 lakh jobs were created, versus 26.64 lakh jobs during BJP's rule.

It also stated that during the Congress' government, ₹12,000 crore was given as loan to farmers, while during BJP's rule, it was only ₹6,560 crore.

"During Congress' rule, total budget outlay was ₹2,09,181 crore and during BJP's rule it was ₹1,17,005 crore," the graphic said, also adding that during Congress rule, 42.3 km of metro construction was completed and during BJP rule, 6.7 km was covered, while 15.5 lakh houses were built under the Congress to the BJP's 11.3 lakh houses.

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