Rahul Gandhi’s interview to Ravish Kumar: 20 key points

Rahul Gandhi called Mayawati a national icon and challenged the PM to a debate again, while saying that Narendra Modi’s time was over

Rahul Gandhi with Ravish Kumar
Rahul Gandhi with Ravish Kumar

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1) "Mayawati is a national icon. She is with the BSP, but she has sent a message to the country. I respect her, I love her."

2) "He (Modi) has shown how not to run the nation. If you will run the country without listening to anybody, you won't be a good leader. There's no match to PM Modi's communication skills."

3) “Prime Minister Narendra Modi should debate me on issues such as corruption, notes ban, Goods and Services Tax and farmer crisis, given that the PM works very hard and sleeps for only three hours."

4) "Wherever I travel, people are scared everywhere. They say a force is trying to control the country."

5) "We are against the ideology which is spreading hatred in the country...This is the ideology of hatred and we are fighting against it."

6) "Narendra Modi's time is over."

7) "The truth (about Namdar and Kamdar) will be out on May 23. It will be clear who has performed better and who is trusted more."

8) "PM Modi ignored the intelligence of the RBI and announced the notes ban."

9) "If Congress comes to power, we will order a probe in the Rafale deal."

10) "We will give 22 lakh jobs in the first year once we come to power."

11) "We will protect every citizen in this country. Gandhiji said even the last man in the line should be helped. Even if an RSS member is attacked, we will protect him."

12) "I will do whatever the people want (on him becoming the PM)".

13) "I learn from everybody. I learn from the Prime Minister, I learn from the RSS. I learn from you."

14) "Media is not covering us fairly in the last five years. Press did not cover much on the Rafale issue despite serious charges being levelled against the ruling government. Even the former French President reacted to it."

15) "Congress cannot exist without its party workers. Congress is the voice of the common man and its party workers."

16) "PM Modi has personal hatred against me. Whenever I meet him, I offer my respect. But he doesn't respond."

17) "I have to still think about it (whether Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will go to Parliament)."

18) "1984 is a tragedy. Whoever committed violence should be punished. There's no debate on 1984. What Sam Pitroda said was wrong."

19) "I have an MPhil."

20) "I have no problem in giving TV interviews. The worst thing that can happen is that I will make mistakes but it's human to make mistakes."

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