Read what people said on the protests on Thursday:  Is CAB what India needs right now?

Outrage, horror and disbelief are some of the feelings that both Indians and foreigners articulated on Thursday while protesting against the amended citizenship law and the impending NRC

Read what people said on the protests on Thursday:  Is CAB what India needs right now?

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On a day when thousands of Indians surprised the Government, and possibly themselves, by spontaneously protesting against the amended citizenship law and the proposed National register of Citizens and defied prohibitory orders, detention and arrests, the micro blogging site Twitter was flooded with comments.

A selection:

· The argument that no nationwide #NRC has been ANNOUNCED is not convincing as it is not the SAME as clearly stating that there will be No #NRC : Prashant Kishor, Poll strategist

· People on the streets are not India, people on Twitter /FB are not India, students are not India, Muslims are not India, women are not India, all critics of Govt are not India. Is India just 2 people?: Kota Neelima, Author and researcher

· Why are “strong leaders” feeling so threatened by peaceful protestors across the country? What harm can a historian Ram Guha do if he stands with a poster of Gandhi ji or a Yogendra Yadav do to this strong govt. Itna Dar Kyon?: M.K. Venu, Founding Editor, The Wire

· Hey Delhi, Don't complain of closed roads in Delhi for last 3-4 days. When we were telling u, roads were closed in Kashmir 2 times/week for convoy movement & every-time of Yatra movement, u didn't utter a word. Kashmiris also had to go to work, hospital, school, emergency etc.

· A system that can arrest and detain Ram Guha, Gandhi’s biographer, for peacefully protesting to uphold its constitution is not a liberal democracy. I fear for India. Stand with Ram: Edward Luce, Associate Editor, Financial Times

· As a 25 year old, i just have one question. With Unemployment, Economy downfall, is CAB the top most thing that INDIA needs right now?: Nikhil Kumar, Sports enthusiast

· This is a turning point. Feels like the beginning of a new Emergency: William Dalrymple, author

· We should rejoice. Last few days testimony to fact that we have not all become brain dead . These protests best celebration of 150th Gandhi anniversary : Neena Vyas, veteran journalist

· When faced with unjust laws & an inhuman govt, non-cooperation, satyagraha & peaceful protest is our duty : Prashant Bhushan, lawyer

· A friend has taken her 13 year old daughter to a protest today. When I asked her if she was sure, she texted back, "This is the world she is growing up in. She needs to know what it means to stand up for something, and speak out against hate.": Sarah Farooqui

· For those complaining of Delhi traffic jam & partial #DelhiMetro shut, let me remind you that 31 million people in Assam don’t have mobile internet connectivity for last 8 days! On Kashmir Valley, I lost the day count. In Delhi, let’s remember, you & I are the most privileged lot

· I've been detained by Delhi Police at Mandi House for speaking to media about the unjustified Sec 144 imposed in Delhi & other parts of the country. I haven't violated Section 144. I was standing alone/ max in a group of http://3.Is it a crime to speak to media now? : Varun Sabtosh, Environmentalist

· Employees of multinationals in Gurgaon being asked not to join protests. Can you imagine the same companies doing this in California? Now any quitting worker can cite this as reason and sue the company as this affects civil rights.: Madhavan Narayanan, journalist and poet

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