Sadaf Jafar to NH after her release from jail: I was beaten up till I bled, cops asked me to go to Pakistan

Pointing out towards a deeper problem with the UP police force, Jafar said UP police have been indoctrinated in right-wing ideology

Social activist Sadaf Jafar 
Social activist Sadaf Jafar

NH Political Bureau

Well-known political activist and UP Congress spokesperson Sadaf Jafar who was jailed for 14 days for taking part in anti-CAA protest told National Herald that she was beaten up by the UP police the whole night till she started bleeding.

Recalling the horrors of the day when she was arrested by the UP police, Jafar told over the phone that the cops punched her in the stomach, pulled her away and abused her for taking part in the protest while she was doing Facebook live on December 19 during the protest.

“They (UP police) dragged me before throwing me up in the van. They were constantly abusing me for taking part in the protest. They asked me to Pakistani,” said Jafar over the phone from Lucknow.

“I was first beaten up by the lady cops then male cops beat me up in the lock-up whole night till I started bleeding. Whoever tried to know my whereabouts he/she was also arrested by the UP police between December 19-20,” said Jafar adding, “A friend of mine who came to Hazratganj police station to inquire about me was also arrested by the police”.

Saying that the violence that took place on December 19 against CAA was “orchestrated by the state,” Jafar noted that “UP police have been indoctrinated in right-wing ideology”.

“I have not met a single cop during 14-days in jail, who had any sympathy for protesters or any understanding of the CAA. For the UP police, Yogi-Modi are synonymous with India,” added, deriding UP police for imposing section 307 on her and all those who were arrested for taking part in anti-CAA protest.

Currently out on bail, Jafar expressed her determination to “continue with her fight against CAA and the Yogi-Modi government which is trying to divide people along with religion and hell-bent on destroying the composite cultural heritage of Hindustan.”

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