Salons in India setting a benchmark, extending services

Beauty salon industry in India is estimated to be worth around ₹10,000 crore. The figure proves that salon industry is not only booming but also making people aware about self grooming

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)

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Salons in a country like India, which is also known for its celebrated weddings, has been an essential part of women's daily lives for decades. In all distant towns, remote areas, and the metropolitan cities, salons are treated as a need. According to a report, the beauty salon industry is estimated to be around ₹10,000 crore. This only proves that the salon industry is not only booming but also touching people’s lives by keeping them aware about self grooming.

Salons in India are now meeting international standards of the beauty industry and setting new benchmarks with their services, which are not limited to makeup anymore. In metropolitan cities, with the rising demand of high-end salon services, a new consumer base- the middle class section has been created. This new consumer base is spending more than ever in personal grooming. To meet this growing demand while maintaining the international standards, the Indian salon industry is coming up with innovative approaches.

With the introduction of in-house foods and beverages services, which are not limited to just tea and coffee but also to a wide range of mocktails, sandwiches, etc., by professional chefs and bartenders, the salons are going a step further into hospitality. In addition to that, they are recreating the salon experience with a personalized touch of privacy and consultation. This shows how salons are becoming client-oriented by looking into every small need of their clients and creating goodwill.

Micro-blading and lashes are some of the treatments being offered by selective salons while setting a benchmark in the industry. Along with that, in order to meet the needs of modern men, salons in India are raising the bar for skincare and grooming, from the regular styling of beard to facials and hair consultations to manicures and even tattooing.

According to Neha Sharma, Managing Director and Co-founder of Lucullan Studios, the first studio in Delhi to offer in-house tattooand F&B services, "In this highly competitive sector, in order to stay one step ahead of others, one needs to understand their clients well, and what they want from a salon, which is why we introduced services like VIP treatment lounge with personalized services, privacy while getting a head-wash and many more personalized services by breaking the norms of the industry.”

(With inputs from Neha Sharma, managing director and co-founder of Lucullan Studios)

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