‘Samvidhan Diwas Samaroh’ on November 26

The SC Department of the All India Congress Committee has decided to organise Samvidhan Diwas Samaroh to highlight the importance of the Constitution and socio-political philosophy of Ambedkar

Phot courtesy: social media
Phot courtesy: social media

NH Web Desk

The Scheduled Caste (SC) Department of AICC will organise Samvidhan Diwas Samaroh on 26th Nov, 2018, to sensitize Indian Society about the socio-political philosophy of Dr Ambedkar as reflected in Indian constitution.

This was decision taken in First Executive committee meeting of the Department Chaired by Nitin Raut, Chairman, SC Department All India Congress Committee (AICC). This event will also remind the nation how Dr Ambedkar as Chairman of Drafting Committee and the Congress party worked in close partnership in drafting the constitution.

Nitin Raut also threw light on various steps and several others measures taken by the Congress in last 70 years to fulfil Dr Ambedkar’s dream of creating a social democracy and to bring economic equality.

He also highlighted the efforts by present political dispensation to destroy the Constitution without changing its form and how Indian society should respond to the challenged. He then discussed the steps that are required to reclaim democracy from the onslaught of fascist forces.

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