Siddaramaiah gives it back to BJP, PM Modi with series of sharp tweets

Countering BJP and PM Modi’s barrage of allegations on Sunday, Congress CM Siddaramaiah alleged that the PM was deliberately confusing Karnataka voters with “bombastic speeches on non-issues”

Photo courtesy: Twitter/<a href="">@<b>siddaramaiah</b></a>
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@siddaramaiah

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With the campaigning for Karnataka assembly elections entering its last leg, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah put out a series of sharp tweets targeting BJP's chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa. Siddaramaiah also pointed out in his series of tweets that Yeddyurappa was facing him in the polls, and that he wasn’t competing against PM Modi.

Countering Modi’s charge, Siddaramaiah alleged that the Prime Minister was deliberately confusing Karnataka voters with his “bombastic speeches on non-issues”. “All hot air and no substance. My contest is not with him. It is with Yeddyurappa. I challenge him to an open debate on issues on a single platform. Will he accept? Modi is also welcome,” asked the CM.

Siddaramaiah listed five reasons as to why one should not vote for BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa and he said that all the evidence pertaining to the tweets will be made public too. He said that BJP government-led by Yeddyurappa ran the most corrupt govt (2008-13) in the history of the state. One CM and five ministers went to jail.

The Karnataka CM pointed out that BJP ran an unstable govt with three Chief Ministers in 5 years. MLAs were bought and sold under ‘Operation Kamala’. They were herded around from resort to resort.

Siddaramaiah stated that BJP didn’t respect freedom — freedom to live life the way people want. “Once in power they will impose a dress code, a food code and a code on who you can love. Above all they will impose Hindi over Kannada,” he pointed out.

“BJP wasn’t committed to maintaining peace. If in power they will unleash communal elements on streets. Incidences like the church attack and pub attack will be back. Cow vigilantes will be on streets. This is neither good for life nor for business. With disrupted business, jobs will go,” stated the incumbent CM.

Indicating that BJP doesn’t keep promises, Siddaramaiah stated that BJP, in the run up to the 2014 elections, had promised ₹ 15 lakhs to every one, two crore jobs and economic growth. “In practice they demonetised the economy and killed growth. Their government has been been anti-farmer, anti-women, anti-youth, anti-Dalit, anti-minorities and anti-business,” asserted the CM.

With BJP attacking Siddaramaiah on allegedly shielding ponzi scam accused Vijay Easwaran, Siddaramaiah countered that the Prime Minister should also be accused of shielding Nirav Modi after pictures of him with Modi at Davos emerged.

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